Next Assignment: Cambodia

Our daughter, Jenni, serves as a missionary to the nation of Cambodia. During her recent visit home we were able to talk and pray about the work God has called her to there. Her job is to train nationals to teach thousands of Buddhist teachers how to speak English using a Christian curriculum she has developed that introduces them to Jesus. The teachers, in turn, are to teach their students English using the same curriculum. The program is called “Water Drop” and is an unprecedented opportunity to affect a nation for Christ.

As we spoke I felt the Holy Spirit say, “Go! Pray!  Lift the veil off this nation that they will have eyes to see, ears to hear and minds that will perceive the love of Christ.” I immediately said “Yes, Lord.  I will go.” And the dates came together: Feb 9-19.

In less than two weeks God has assembled a very strong team who will go on this prayer journey.  There will be four of us from Phoenix, two from Egypt, one from India and one from Thailand all converging on Cambodia connecting with the local missionaries to pray.

We will be prayer walking spiritual power points, visiting villages, ministering to the national workers who are part of Jenni’s team and then conduct a 30 hour non-stop time of worship and intercession.  Our last day will be spent prayer walking Angkor Wat, an ancient city of Hindu temples, some of which are still being used for worship today.

Please take a look at our prayer points for this trip and agree with us that Heaven will touch earth and God will join our prayers with those of many who have gone before us to bring spiritual breakthrough.

Merry Christmas!


Our family grew as God sent us a very precious baby this past year – Jameson, our first grandchild, was born in April to our oldest son, Josh, and his wonderful wife, Samantha. We are excited to have our whole family together again shortly for a late Christmas celebration – this picture was from our reunion this summer in Chicago, when Jenni was home from Cambodia (note the Cambodia shirts).

We Can’t Thank You Enough

Our hearts are filled with gratitude to the Lord and you, for praying for the teams and this ministry this past year. We are thankful beyond words for those who sacrificed their time and resources to “go” as a team member, for those who helped “send” us and our Indian team members by giving (and helped support all the projects on the field), and for all the intercessors who prayed for us on these trips. How can we stop now?

Enjoy 2018 in pictures in our December newsletter and check out the galleries for more pictures…

Let’s Do It Again in 2019!

God is on the move in North India, and we’d love for you to be a part of His plans for this incredible harvest field this coming year.

* If you feel led to “go,” we will have spring, summer and fall trips again this year with prayer always being our primary focus, hitting various regions of North India and beyond. Come, be “boots on the ground” with us!

* If you feel led to “give” to send a team member, provide scholarships for our India team members, help towards one of the field projects (current needs are transportation for pastors and assistance in building prayer halls), or provide general support, your gift would have far reaching results!

* If you feel led to “pray” and be one of our intercessors, we would be forever grateful…nothing in this ministry happens without prayer! Please contact us to be part of our Intercessory Prayer Team.