The God Who Sees

Meena is a young Hindu woman who has been living with her mother since she was separated from her husband this past year.  They sold toys door to door to make ends meet but during the lockdown they were no longer allowed to do this.  Their daily income dried up along with the meager rations of food.  After going days without a proper meal, they heard about this man who was giving groceries to needy families.  Through a friend they were able to contact him and Ashish went to their home immediately.  With great joy and gratitude they received the supplies.

“Who are you?” they asked.  “Why are you doing this?  Where did you get the money to help so many people?” I am a follower of Jesus. He is the one who has provided everything and He is the one who sent me here today.  He loves you very much and sees your needs.

“May I pray for you?”  he asked. They quickly bowed their heads and folded their hands in the traditional Hindu form and Ashish began to pray.  All of a sudden Meena’s body became rigid and she fell to the floor as an evil spirit began to manifest.  Immediately Ashish cast it out and Meena became alert again.  Because of this demonstration of the Spirit’s power along with their needs being supplied through the food, Meena became a follower of Jesus that day.  Then three days later, after weeks of no contact, her husband called and they are reconciling their marriage.  Once again God shows us He is not on lockdown and He is the God who sees.

This is only one of the many stories we are hearing of God touching lives and changing hearts through this food project.  Thank you for making it possible.  Without you it would never happen.  Thank you for caring.  Thank you for praying.  Thank you for giving. 

ISOM Classes Resume

While on lockdown, in between delivering groceries to hundreds of needy families, Ashish was on the phone working with local pastors to establish ISOM training points throughout the state.  The day after the lockdown, he started a new class with 8 students and one week later he started another training point with 6 students.  His goal is to raise up 100 disciples this year who will be leaders. One student who just joined the program said he had attended Bible College for two years and he had learned and received more in three days of ISOM than he had in those two years of Bible College.  We thank God for this training material that has been made available to raise up an army of leaders in North India.


As we have been praying for India, India has been praying for us.  Our nation is in great distress from the pandemic, racial unrest and social upheaval.  Now is the time to pray for our country like never before.  5 Rivers is joining partner ministry SEAPC in their Pray Americas campaign this summer.  The goal is to saturate America with people prayer walking in every county, especially at the local government centers.  If you would like to be a part of this prayer strategy for America, find out more at: PRAYAMERICAS.COM and get a great prayer walking guide. 5 Rivers plans to continue this initiative in AZ long term in conjunction with BridgeBuilders, so please contact us if interested in learning more about this home missions endeavor.

Food for India Update #5

Look what the Lord has done!

(video created by Daniel & family)

We are happy to report that after nearly 70 days of lockdown the state of Himachal Pradesh has fully reopened!  This is the main area where our partners have been working to distribute food.

Thanks to your prayers and generous giving, 5 Rivers was able to donate nearly 14,000 USD and feed nearly 1000 families that were literally starving.  Not only were they able to receive food but they also received personal ministry in the name of Jesus.

Because of this ministry our partners have been given great favor with the local government leaders and police.  Now there are even more doors open for future ministry.  Our God does all things well!

At this time there are still other parts of India that have not opened and people continue to suffer.  We are working with our ministry partners in Delhi who continue to distribute groceries to needy families in four different states. YES, I want to help

Thank you for caring.  Thank you for praying.  Thank you for giving. We pray that God will give you great grace and be your provider for everything  you need physically, emotionally and spiritually during this season.