Kashmir Invitations

Team at riverWe have just finished our week of praying through parts of Kashmir. It has been a week where we once again stand in awe of what God is doing…so much beyond any human agenda could ever hope to accomplish.

It began with an invitation from a Muslim man to come to his home for Eid, a very holy day of feasting, celebrating the end of the 40 days of fasting called Ramadan. During the evening I had the chance to share with him about Jesus…the Presence of God was heavy as he listened intently.  We then prayed and blessed him and his family.

This man has also invited us tView from villageo to do an economic development project in a remote mountain village near the Pakistani border where there is severe poverty. It turns out that this project is among the Gurjars, one of the most unreached people groups in the world. They are nomadic shepherds spreading from Afghanistan through Northern India.

We visited onDan talking with shepherdse of their villages of about 250 people where we will initiate the project of raising sheep. We spent the day with the village leader going from house to house meeting the shepherds and their families. Our friend told them we are Christians and that in addition to the sheep project we had come to pray for them and their people.

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