Because You Came

“Do you remember this family?” my pastor friend asked. We were doing a home visit and having chai with a young couple and their 3 year old daughter.  I had brought ministry teams to this area a few times before but now it had been more than two years since my last visit. “I don’t think so,” I replied. (My memory isn’t that good and I have prayed for many people over the years).

“That little girl was dying because her throat was obstructed and she could not eat.  She was scheduled to have surgery but you prayed for her.  She was healed and did not need the surgery.” I looked at the little girl laughing and playing and then at the mom who was looking at me with eyes filled with tears of gratitude. “Because you came, God changed our lives,” she said. My heart was overwhelmed by the goodness of God.  Here was a little girl I did not even remember…but Jesus had come…He had loved…He had healed…and they would never forget.

During the next few days the pastor took me from place to place. “Do you remember this woman you prayed for to have a baby?” “Yes, I remember this one,” I said holding her beautiful little boy in my arms. “Do you remember prophesying over this man and woman about their ministry? They are now pastors and are training others in intercession just as you said.” “Do you remember praying for deliverance for this boy who had been tormented by evil spirits?  He is totally free and his mother and grandfather have become believers.” (That one I really remembered – it was powerful!)

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