Let’s Do It Again in 2019!

God is on the move in North India, and we’d love for you to be a part of His plans for this incredible harvest field this coming year.

* If you feel led to “go,” we will have spring, summer and fall trips again this year with prayer always being our primary focus, hitting various regions of North India and beyond. Come, be “boots on the ground” with us!

* If you feel led to “give” to send a team member, provide scholarships for our India team members, help towards one of the field projects (current needs are transportation for pastors and assistance in building prayer halls), or provide general support, your gift would have far reaching results!

* If you feel led to “pray” and be one of our intercessors, we would be forever grateful…nothing in this ministry happens without prayer! Please contact us to be part of our Intercessory Prayer Team.