Speaking of Breakthrough…

God just did an amazing thing for us on our last trip. On August 5th the Indian army seized Kashmir arresting all of the government and business leaders. Nearly 1,000,000 soldiers flooded the area.  The entire state was on lockdown with no press, phones or internet (and is still very much affected).  We were very concerned as we have done much prayer there and have some dear friends that were caught in the middle of this military takeover. 

I kept asking the Lord to open Kashmir to me before I left India so I could go  there and pray.  And the God of breakthrough answered!  A week before I was to leave India, Kashmir opened and we quickly bought tickets, jumped on a plane and landed in Kashmir.  For three days we were able to stay with our Muslim friends who took us all over the city to pray. Literally, there was a soldier dressed in riot gear with a machine gun every 50 feet. Obviously, God wanted us to go there and pray at this crucial and strategic time.

Please continue to pray for safety for all our friends in this region. Please pray for the people to turn to Jesus in the middle of all their pain and fear and that there will be a great harvest of souls in Kashmir.