by Jenni Taylor

The rice fields lining the roads of Cambodia are a constant miracle. No matter how many hours I stare at these fields, I am always surprised by them. See? Suddenly the floods have come and the water is sparkling in the sunlight, white birds diving for fish. Now they are dry, the same yellows and browns as Van Gogh’s sunflowers. I look again and like a magic trick, every field is a shade of green stolen straight from The Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City. 

The farmers understand the transformation much better than I do. To me, it seems like an instantaneous miracle. Water, water, water, dry. Brown, brown, brown, green. It seems to pop up, overnight, and the world rolls on as if a miracle hasn’t just taken place over every blade of grass across the land. 

Five Rivers sent a powerhouse team to Cambodia one year ago, with one goal – to bring transformation. I’ve been lucky enough to be the “farmer” in this situation, an inside witness to the miracles taking place on a daily basis since their visit. I’ve seen the land go from brown to green, from dead to fertile. I’ve seen the power of prayer and resurrection breathe new life into people, places and systems ever since the team came to pray. 

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