Food for India Update #4

Continuing to bring food and the love of God.

The team preparing to distribute food to take care of many families for a month.
People are receiving their groceries from a food distribution point that was established to reach mountain villages.
This woman is a day laborer and the structure behind her is her home. The poverty of those we are helping is overwhelming.

For a heart-wrenching glimpse of the BIGGER PICTURE, we are sharing some pictures and links to videos we have been sent by our friends in India.  Thank you for praying with us for these precious ones throughout India, and thank you for helping us reach the ones we can with food and the love of God where He has opened the doors. If you want to give to this need, please designate “Food for India.” Thank you!  YES, I want to help

Death and Despair as Migrant Workers Flee Cities (click here for 7 min video)

The men, women and children that are trying to get home, with hundreds of miles to walk – we can’t even imagine their reality (we weep just seeing these images). So much pain.