Cambodia Update from Jenni Taylor

During our 4th (final) seminar, the teachers came up in groups to give a presentation on stage prior to the graduation ceremony. They had worked together to come up with a creative way to teach 10 of the English words we had learned in the last 3 weeks. Everyone in the group had to participate and be as creative as possible. Wow, did they deliver! My teacher’s heart was so full of joy to see these teachers take the stage to teach English using games, songs, and activities. A little girl was sitting behind me who had come with her mom. As she was watching the presentations, she was saying the English words under her breath to practice and learn. It was such a perfect picture of what we are hoping to accomplish: that every young girl and boy in the province will be learning English. We’re off to a great start but there’s much work ahead! Thank you for your prayers and support of Operation Water Drop.  

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Gateways of Glory!

Team report submitted by Chrissy

During the last two weeks of January a group of 6 intercessors took a road trip along the Nile river. The vision was to pray in cities and places the Lord had highlighted as gateways of sin, violence, false religion, oppression and declare God’s Kingdom rule and reign.

We piled into a trusty SUV and meandered 2,900 kilometers along the complex yet astounding roads of the country. Each leg of the drive was distinct, and each meeting ordained by the Lord. We sped along at breakneck pace on curvy desert roads. We encountered countless speedbumps on an agricultural road, dodging sugarcane tractors, donkey carts, rickshaws, and praying through towns and villages as God brought to our eyes and hearts the beauty of the land and people.

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Ready to GO and PRAY

Leaving mid-January, a small US team will be joining intercessors in Egypt for a prayer journey at ancient and strategic “gates” along the Nile River. We will also visit local Houses of Prayer to minister to those who have been faithfully interceding for Egypt. Immediately following, I will go to India to help set up a corporation for the purpose of creating and managing small businesses. Thank you for your joining with us in prayer.

Our Amazing God: Prayer Changes Things

Rejoice with us in this great news report from “TIMES OF INDIA” regarding Kashmir (we prayed for 40 hours in Sept, 2016 – only God could have accomplished this!):

90% dip in stone-pelting incidents in Kashmir in 2017: J&K DGP

PTI | Updated: Nov 13, 2017, 20:40 IST

“(There is) a more than 90% fall in stone pelting in Kashmir Valley (this year) as compared to the last year. It is a huge decrease”, Vaid told PTI here.
“There are weeks when there is not even a single case of stone pelting while in a day (last year) there used to be more than 50 incidents taking place. There is a huge change in the mood of people”, he said.
“Even on Friday, where it used to be normal to have 40-50 incidents of stone pelting in a day (last year), not even a single incident is taking place (this year)”, the DGP said.