Prayer Walking in Nepal

We had the most wonderful time with our Nepali host, Man Dai, praying in Kathmandu. For 5 days he led us to temples, monasteries, and other spiritual power points where we prayer walked and released the Presence of God.


On this journey our team was able to pray for a Buddhist monk, pray during a blood sacrifice of a goat at a Cali temple, witness the Hindu ritual of human cremation at the river and minister in a local church.

Thank you to Man Dai…what a great man of God and true brother in the Lord. Please pray for this nation that is still less than 1% Christian.

A Journey of Prayer: Kashmir Week 2

We have covered a lot of territory both physically and spiritually in Kashmir. Our second week we traveled to Kargil along the India/Pakistani line of control and prayer walked for 2 days, along the river, in the surrounding hills, and through the town. Many missionaries have prayed and labored there over the years with little results. Those who have become Christians in the past have left and there are currently no known believers in Kargil. God has highlighted this area to us as a place He’s wanting to break through…so we continue to pray.

Next we went to Leh where we had 4 days of prayer walking and ministering to the local believers. There are less than 200 believers in this entire region dominated by Buddhism. We were able to meet with Pastor Elijah of the Moravian church and have a wonderful time of prayer with him. The church has been divided for some time now and has brought much damage to the name of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit ministered deeply to Pastor Elijah and we have great expectation of victory in the days to come.  Later, God directed our steps to visit a home of another Moravian pastor in a nearby town, who, I found out, has been opposing Pastor Elijah. I spoke about unity, humility and forgiveness…and God smiled.

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A Journey of Prayer: Kashmir Week 1

Our first week in Kashmir began in Jammu where we met Pastor Ashish, a church planter with a government position as Minister of Religion in Jammu-Kashmir…a man of influence and action. We both feel our time together is strategic in laying a foundation for much more ministry in the future…his heart is for unreached people groups. He then joined our team for the remaining time in Kashmir…only God could put this together! The Christian school in Jammu where we ministered has over 300 students and about 70 orphans…such beautiful children. I shared my testimony and we prayed with the teachers.

In Srinagar we were able to celebrate the Muslim holiday called Eid at the home of our friend Irfan.  There are two Eid celebrations each year and we happened to be in Srinagar for both of them this year. Each time God’s presence and love has come into the room so beautifully.

We spent time in the Gujjar village to initiate the sheep project. THANK YOU to all of you who gave and prayed to make this happen. God has miraculously provided! What a joy to pray with the village leader and go from house to house in the village praying for the shepherds and their families. They are so gracious and so grateful for this opportunity. This picture is an example of the sheep that will be purchased this coming month.

They have invited us to return next June. The shepherds have agreed to take us trekking in the mountains to visit the shepherd camps and some other villages. I am so excited about this opportunity to trek with them, and pray in this region.

Again, thank you so much for partnering with us in prayer and giving as we GO!