Vacation With a Purpose

“I can see. My eye was blind and now for the first time I can see clearly!”

The dark skinned Indian woman stood in the middle of a small church in Shimla, North India. With tears streaming down her face, she gave praise to God for the two American men who had just prayed for her. Dave and Gregg shouted and laughed with joy at how God had just used them to manifest His glory. The people of the little church were greatly encouraged and full of faith as they listened to the testimonies of those who were healed and touched by God.

20130326_115053After being introduced to North India by Mark Geppert in October, 2012, I had the opportunity to return with a small team for two weeks to prayer walk and connect with local believers. I traveled with my daughter, Jenni, and two men in their fifties, Dave and Gregg. These two men had never been on a prayer journey before but they were hungry to experience God in new ways. As I spoke about my plans to go, God stirred their hearts and they stepped out to do something that would be life changing, for them, as well as those they ministered to. They left their comfort zone and what was familiar to experience God in ways they could never have imagined.

20130325_164248Jet lag, hard beds, sometimes sleeping together in one bed, bucket “showers” with cold water, hiking up a mountain to a remote village with our luggage mounted on two donkeys, many hours of traveling the narrow, prayer inspiring, mountain roads (Ravi, our tour guide, called it the “Adventurous Route”), cold nights without heat – all of this was taken in stride with joy and was counted as nothing as we saw God pour out His Spirit and actually use simple people like us to advance His Kingdom.

20130330_172605Being led by the Holy Spirit and going where He directed with no agenda of our own. Prayer walking Hindu and Tibetan Buddist temples. Sharing the gospel with a Hindu priestess in Manu temple in Manali,(had any Christian ever done that before?). Going to a mountain village where no American or Christian had ever been. Praying healing prayers and watching God manifest His love and grace and restore blind eyes, deaf ears and broken bodies. Teaching in a Bible College in Delhi. Visiting orphanages. Encouraging and blessing the local believers. Yes, it truly was a vacation with a purpose. The highest purpose of all. Declaring Jesus Christ to the utter most parts of the world.

Is it possible that God may be stirring your heart to go on one of these journeys? Is He asking you to carry his presence to a place Jesus has never been proclaimed before?   Say yes! It will be the best life changing “yes” you could ever imagine! Contact us if you would like to join one of our upcoming trips.