What We Do

We believe in prayer and we do it. A large portion of our time is committed to prayer walking, praying through cities and regions that have less than 2% Christian population. We focus on areas where there are the most unreached people groups in the world. Everything we do comes out of prayer. Relationships are formed, partnerships are established and lives are transformed because we show our dependence is on God through prayer.

Short Term Mission Journeys
We Go! Several times a year we take teams of individuals to Asia. Each team has a different focus. Some teams go to pray, others to conduct leadership conferences, some to do children’s crusades, others to teach vocational training, helping the local Christians develop job skills. Every team has a mission to fulfill and is a great source of encouragement to those they minister to. After going on one of these trips the short term missionaries continue to pray for and support those they met on the field. It is a life changing experience for those who go as well as for those we go to.

Partnering With Local Ministries
5 Rivers is committed to coming alongside individuals and existing ministries to help strengthen their hands while they do the work of the ministry. We help those who are on the front lines of ministry become more productive. By providing motorcycles, bicycles, computers and monthly pastoral support we are able help the workers become more
productive in their work. We have also come along side two orphanages in Thailand helping them become more self-sustaining.

Leadership Development
Leadership development is a primary focus of 5 Rivers. Many of the new workers we have partnered with have had little or no access to teaching and training. By facilitating leadership conferences we are able to help equip them personally and spiritually to do the work of the ministry. Through our Bible College in electronic format we are able to give the leaders curriculum to complete a full 4 year Bible College degree. By doing this the best workers no longer need to leave the field to attend Bible college but are able to take weekly classes while they continue their work. Local leaders are able to teach the classes as well as have guests come for a week at a time focusing on a concentrated subject.

Economic Sustainability
5 Rivers is committed to helping ministries become self-sustaining and not become dependent on western finances. By helping to build fish farms, chicken farms, hydroponics, offering vocational training, small business development and micro loans we are able to equip the people to become self-sustaining and even be able to help others as they become prosperous.