First Things First

I hear it all the time: ”You are the first foreigner to ever visit our village.” (Usually means I am the first Christian there, too, very cool.) “I am the first Christian in my village.” “I am the first Christian in my family.” “This is the first house church in this area.” This is the first prayer hall that will ever be built in this region.” “This is the first time we have ever had a pastors conference bringing the leaders together in unity.” “This is the first time we have ever had a healing and revival conference in a CNI church.”                                                 

It is a great honor to be a part of firsts…helping to establish things that have not been done before. This is one of the ways God has been using this ministry. As He unfolds His strategy, He leads us into regions full of unreached people groups and uses us to bring spiritual breakthrough…to create a starting point from which the Kingdom of God can take root, and grow.

Screenshot_2015-10-20-14-15-37But first we PRAY. This is always Gods strategy…to pray. We prayer walk temples,, high places and spiritual power points. We walk and pray, drive and pray, ride motorcycles and pray, climb mountains and pray, stand on roof tops and pray. We pray…and God moves. At times God has taken me into a city or a region where I knew no one. I was just sent there to pray. And now, within a year or less of being there, I am 20151009_152754being invited to come back into those cities to hold healing and revival conferences, encouraging and strengthening the churches. Is this just a coincidence? I think not! Prayer moves God. Prayer opens up unreached territories. Prayer is always FIRST.

And because we pray, things are happening…Villages are being reached, some for the first time. Prayer halls are being built in areas there has never been one. House churches are being established in new areas. Healing and Revival services are being held for the first time in some areas. Pastors conferences are being conducted bringing leaders together in unity to seek God’s face. God is pouring out his spirit, and doors have begun to open that have never been opened before.

I think Jesus loves being first…He first loved us and He is first in all things. I also believe He wants to be first in us…in our hearts, our affections, our desires, our time and even our giving, (first fruits unto the Lord). As we place Him first, all other things now can come into proper order…proper alignment. His strategy for our lives can then be released…and His will fulfilled.

God has placed us first…may we do the same with Him. Especially during this Christmas season, above and beyond “Let every heart prepare Him room,” let our hearts be focused on Christ and His presence FIRST.

Thank you for all you have done in prayer and giving to help us be a part of so many firsts in North India. It is our prayer that God will fill you with His love, with His grace and use you to carry His presence everywhere you go, this Christmas season and throughout the New Year. Have a blessed Christmas.