Perfect Couple for a Perfect Strategy

Our team of 10 was trekking a narrow mountain path when it began to rain. Soon we were all wet and our boots covered in mud from the slippery path.  As we came to a road an apple truck came by and offered us a ride.  We all immediately climbed onto the truck laughing and feeling blessed that were able to get a ride. 

After a few miles we were dropped at a tea stall in a small remote village.  As we all climbed down a young man from the team approached me with his coat tied around his waist and a look of total fear in his eyes.  “What’s wrong?” I asked.  Sheepishly, he opened the jacket to reveal a huge split in his pants.  My eyes grew big and my jaw dropped as I watched his brown face turn red from embarrassment.  And I, being the man of compassion that I am, laughed and laughed.   In fact all of us got a great laugh which did not help the guy at all but it really was funny.  Then, to our amazement, directly across from the tea stall was a tailor.

Obviously God loved him more than we did because he provided a tailor in the middle of nowhere.  The entire teamed marched over and snickered and laughed while the man held out his pants to the tailor from behind a curtain. One of the young women in our group showed compassion and paid for the much needed repairs.

Now, 7 years later, that young man, Ashish, and that young woman, Kalpana, are married and have a 3 yr old daughter.  God does work in mysterious ways! They are now our directors for the International School of Ministry.

For you who do not know, ISOM is a Bible college that has 160 teaching videos on a thumb drive.  Anywhere you have a lap- top you can have a teaching point where men and women receive some of the best leadership training available.  Each class is taught by some of the best leaders from all over the world. By watching the video they not only get the information being taught, but they also receive the anointing of the instructor, giving it even more impact. Now, because of the great persecution taking place in India, churches and Bible Colleges are being shut down.  But God has given us the perfect strategy to go underground and continue training leaders.

Ashish and Kalpana have been traveling all over their state, speaking to pastors, going from village to village, establishing training points for ISOM. God has given them great favor and their goal is to establish hundreds of training points throughout North India.  Several locations have already been established and we are hearing of life changing testimonies from the students.  They love the material and are growing by leaps and bounds.  God is raising up an army of highly trained leaders to be released to advance His Kingdom. Please see our prayer points for specific ways to pray for them and the ISOM project.