The God Who Breaks Through 

It always amazes me that God equips us with exactly what we need to fulfill His assignments, and for us that is the spirit of breakthrough.  As we go to the nations to make Jesus known to those who have never heard, we feel we are on the forefront of the Kingdom of God being advanced.  To accomplish this, God has given us authority to bring change, to shift the atmosphere, to open up the heavens creating portals of His Presence.

We have heard story after story that after we came and prayed the impossible became possible. “When you came to Thailand with the prayer team everything has changed.  Churches are growing, souls are being saved, there is more unity and faith.  We are experiencing breakthrough in many areas for the first time.”

“When you came to Cambodia, even before you left, everything changed.  The roadblock to ministry that we thought was impossible to move was removed. Now there is freedom, joy and much fruit.”

“You came and prayed for a woman who was the only Christian in her village.  She had a tumor on her neck.  She was healed and now there are 20 believers in that village.  Everything has changed.”

“You came and trekked the mountains and prayed over the villages where there were no Christians.  Now, 2 1/2 years later we have several thousand new believers in this region.”

“This man was a Hindu priest.  You came to his home and brought deliverance to his daughter.  He is now studying for the ministry and has a church in his home.”

We have so many stories of how again and again God brought breakthrough and change as we prayed…people being healed and delivered, changing entire families, villages hearing the Gospel for the first time, barren women having children and even the blind receiving their sight.

It is because of you that we are able to be used like this.  Because you pray for us, or give to send us, or even go with us on one of our journeys, it is because of your partnership that lives are being changed.  So please…keep praying, keep sending, keep giving so even more will experience the God who breaks through.