The Land of 5 Rivers

We were in Punjab (which means “land of 5 rivers”), and it was hot. I mean it was really hot. People kept making their way into the large upper room of the pastor’s house. At least it seemed large until more than 200 hundred people crammed their way into it. They all sat on the floor, scooting closer and closer to each other as more people arrived.

With th2015 India #1 030(1)e increase of bodies came the increase in temperature. We sat drenched in sweat. On our previous visit here I had noticed that the room had no windows…just open spaces where the glass should go so I gave them an offering to purchase windows. Now I regretted doing that. They bought windows that could not be opened so there was no ventilation at all and the room was a giant oven…but no one really cared. They had come to worship Jesus and worship they did! For more than 2 hours they exploded in worship and prayer as wave after wave of God’s Presence filled the room.

The room was stifling, uncomfortable, and more than a little stinky, but no one even noticed as they were caught up in loving the Father and being loved by Him. As Theresa, one of our team members recalls, “I thought to myself ‘I would rather be here with true worshipers than comfortable somewhere else.’  Everyone was totally engaged.  These people were pressing in with all their might.  I also thought, ‘I think they will get healed without anyone laying hands on them.’ Then Dan called out health issues and people heard the word and stood up and got healed. God loves to touch his people.”

That night God used us to bring spiritual breakthrough that changed the atmosphere. As His Presence was released the believers were built up in faith, knowing God saw them, He knew them and He had not forgotten them. WScreenshot_2015-06-19-12-58-34e had come to this area before just to pray, then God opened doors for ministry and now things are accelerating at a rapid pace. Our “upper room” ministry is expanding quickly.

We have now been invited to return to Punjab by two separate organizations to conduct regional Revival Conferences. Neither organization knew of the others’ plans. They did not communicate about dates or places but each invitation fit perfectly, unfolding God’s strategy. He is focused on bringing spiritual breakthrough to Punjab!