Gateways of Glory!

Team report submitted by Chrissy

During the last two weeks of January a group of 6 intercessors took a road trip along the Nile river. The vision was to pray in cities and places the Lord had highlighted as gateways of sin, violence, false religion, oppression and declare God’s Kingdom rule and reign.

We piled into a trusty SUV and meandered 2,900 kilometers along the complex yet astounding roads of the country. Each leg of the drive was distinct, and each meeting ordained by the Lord. We sped along at breakneck pace on curvy desert roads. We encountered countless speedbumps on an agricultural road, dodging sugarcane tractors, donkey carts, rickshaws, and praying through towns and villages as God brought to our eyes and hearts the beauty of the land and people.

Along the way, we met with passionate, wholehearted believers from houses of prayer and stopped at strategic historical, cultural, and religious sites to pray. 

Psalm 24:7 “Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in!”

Believers in Egypt have experienced much persecution, oppression, weariness and woundedness. Yet they are standing firm, jealous and zealous to see God move in their land. God proclaimed His banner of victory and open heavens over believers persevering despite unseen fruit in the north. He spoke new faith, hope, and life over believers in the south.

He opened up spontaneous opportunities: Praying with a man, his son and friends in a parking lot. Meeting some beautiful covered ladies while praying at the riverside. Visiting a monastery, and through a series of events, people lining up to receive prayer for healing, provision, and blessing. They even surrounded our car as we tried to leave!

People are hungry, strongholds of the past are crumbling, and the church is rising from the ashes of adversity in faith, boldness, and love. What a blessing to be a part of what God is doing in this nation in these days!

Thank you so much for upholding us in your prayers! It was amazing to travel on this journey joined by a powerful group of intercessors.