by Jenni Taylor

The rice fields lining the roads of Cambodia are a constant miracle. No matter how many hours I stare at these fields, I am always surprised by them. See? Suddenly the floods have come and the water is sparkling in the sunlight, white birds diving for fish. Now they are dry, the same yellows and browns as Van Gogh’s sunflowers. I look again and like a magic trick, every field is a shade of green stolen straight from The Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City. 

The farmers understand the transformation much better than I do. To me, it seems like an instantaneous miracle. Water, water, water, dry. Brown, brown, brown, green. It seems to pop up, overnight, and the world rolls on as if a miracle hasn’t just taken place over every blade of grass across the land. 

Five Rivers sent a powerhouse team to Cambodia one year ago, with one goal – to bring transformation. I’ve been lucky enough to be the “farmer” in this situation, an inside witness to the miracles taking place on a daily basis since their visit. I’ve seen the land go from brown to green, from dead to fertile. I’ve seen the power of prayer and resurrection breathe new life into people, places and systems ever since the team came to pray. 

Some transformations are immediate. Mine was. “I am free,” I wrote in my journal one year ago after a day and night of prayer. I spiritually had been carrying what felt like 200 pound weights holding me down, and Jesus brought freedom to my life through the prayers of my father and my friends.  

The SEAPC team I work with has transformed.  In one year, our leader, Veha, went from a terrified, overwhelmed young man from the village to being a competent leader, rooted in prayer. 

Families have transformed. Where there was tension and division over their children being first generation Christians, there is now a sense of peace and joy. Many experienced healings and the presence of God during the house visits. They often ask when the team will visit again. 

Momentum has started and has not stopped. Annie Buckles joined our SEAPC team as a perfect partner in ministry. Water Drop has been established in 3 Children’s homes and counting. Over 150 teachers are on their way to receive their first English certificate in July. Our first tech center is fully active, with manufacturing, nursing, computer, English, and music classes all happening simultaneously.

It’s not just numbers and classrooms. Lives have been transformed. I wish I could introduce you to every one of our precious team members, who radiate with confidence and joy. They were given hope, prayer, and visible miracles when the team came to visit. Since then, their faith has been unstoppable. They are fully committed to doing the impossible every day, and they do it knowing that Jesus is the one helping them. 

Today I am thankful for the power of prayer, for the humble willingness of the team who came, and for the hearts of those who sent them. Nothing has been in vain. The fields are green, and Cambodia is rising.