No One Wants To Come Here

We sat in a classroom that had become the home for Ajit, Jayanti and their two sons.  Ajit spoke softly, sharing his story. “We came here as missionaries two years ago.  For years I asked my pastor for his blessing to come here but he always refused, but finally he gave us his blessing.”

Screenshot_2015-06-26-15-25-01Our team had come to Leh, in Northeastern Kashmir.  A very remote mountainous region which is isolated from the rest of the world for 6-8 months each year as the two mountain passes fill with snow blocking off all supplies and trade goods coming in or out. The population is 200,000, mostly Buddhist, with less than 300 Christians.

“When I arrived here I met with a motorcycle accident.  I broke both my wrists and my shoulder” Ajit continued. “I was in great pain and required surgery but I was not able to go to the hospital in Delhi.  It was 4 months before I had surgery. My shoulder is still not healed and is in pain.”

“This is a very difficult place to live and minister.  If the Buddhist knew we were here to convert people to Christ they would do great harm to us.  We minister by becoming friends with them and one at a time we share Christ.  It has been 2 years and no one has come to Christ yet.  We have suffered much but this is what God has called us to.  We will be faithful.  No matter what we suffer we will not leave this place.”

Then Ajit looked at me closely.  “Why have you come here?  No one wants to come to this place.”

The electricity had gone out and we sat in the warm glow of a small lamp. I looked at this beautiful family that had given so much.  The love of God for them filled my heart. “Jesus wants to come here.”  I said.  “Jesus sent us here to let you know you are not forgotten.  You are not isolated. You are not alone.  And as a sign of His faithful love He will heal your shoulder.”

We began to worship and His Presence filled the room.  Then we prayed. “The pain is gone!” Ajit exclaimed as he was swinging his arm in a windmill motion.  “This is the first time in two years that there has been no pain.” We laughed.  We wept.  We rejoiced at the love of the Father being demonstrated. As we left, Ajit held us close and again said:

“No one wants to come here but you came.  Thank you so much for coming.”

This is what we do.  We go to the mos20150624_130908t remote places to bring the love of the Father and release His Presence. 

Please pray for us as we return to this region in July – as we go and pray where no one else wants to go.