2017 – Amazed by God

This has been a year of wagging our heads, saying to God, “What did you do??” How did you do that??” Enjoy some highlights of 2017 — four trips to North India as well as prayer journeys to Manipur (northeast India), Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal – a year of being amazed by God.

We are very excited about the sheep project in Northern Kashmir (God orchestrated this when our team was “stuck” there due to a snow storm last January). All 125 sheep have been bought and the people are excited!  They now have hope of a much better future and we have full access to pray and release the Presence of God amongst this unreached people group. 

Last Spring I was able to trek mountain villages in the Himalayas with a young local pastor.  We helped him build the first prayer hall ever constructed in the region.  The work has been completed and this will be their first winter in the new building.  He already has nearly 50 people who are all first generation believers! Our time in Manipur with local believers was amazing also.

This summer I was blessed to meet two female doctors at a hospital in Kashmir. They shared a dream of opening a Christian health clinic in a region that is 100% Muslim.  The Church of North India owns property in this area that has been vacant for years. We have been able to financially support the renovations of this property and once again activate it for the Kingdom of God – pray with us that the clinic will be open in the spring.  This property also has a chapel that will be used as a House of Prayer. 

In July we took a wonderful team on a prayer journey to Thailand to join with Dan and Debbie Ecker, missionaries there for many years.  Some of our amazing prayer times included a 17 hour train ride to pray at the ancient gates of a city that was the entry point of Buddhism and worshipping and praying for 36 hours non-stop with some local believers in Pattaya.

Back to Kashmir in August to initiate the sheep project, then an amazing prayer journey through Kargil and Leh, before our first trip to Nepal. During this past year we were also able to conduct pastors’ conferences and revival services, purchase motorcycles for pastors and prayer walk through many spiritual power points. Enjoy the articles and pictures of the journeys on our website.

So, THANK YOU!! All of this has happened because of God’s grace working through you. You were the ones who prayed and gave so we could go.  Without you everything you just read would be erased…it never would have happened. Together God is using us to do what was considered impossible.  Lives are being changed.  The Gospel is being preached.  Strongholds are being destroyed. So, let’s keep doing it.  We can’t wait to see what He is going to do this coming year – He’s such an AMAZING GOD!