Pray Arizona – A New Partnership

“There have been many prophesies about Arizona being the tip of the spear and leading the way for national revival. What I want to see are prayer teams going to strategic locations throughout the state, staying for several days at a time and pray until we get breakthrough. It needs to be a sustained effort with measurable results.”

I just sat there and stared at him quietly for a moment. A mutual friend was introducing me to Hal and Cheryl Saks. Hal and Cheryl have been directing a prayer ministry here in Arizona for more than 30 years called BridgeBuilders. While I knew of them for years, this was our first time to officially meet. As I sat and listened to Hal’s heart the Holy Spirit began to poke me. This is not why I came to meet them, I thought. This was not on my radar. Then I heard the Spirit say, “This is your assignment. India is closed right now. I have a work for you to do here.”

Finally, I looked at Hal and said, “That is what I do. I go to the nations. I pray and God brings breakthrough. If you want to do that here then I am in.  Hal, you are the senior Apostle of prayer for the state of Arizona.  The only way I will do this is if I am connected to your mantle of spiritual authority in this state. Are you good with that?”

Hal looked at me and I could feel his piercing eyes as he was listening to the Spirit speak to him.  Finally, he said, “I’m good with that.” I walked out of that meeting shaking my head in awe of God. (I have actually considered changing the name of our ministry to Shaking My Head Ministries.)

It was June, 2020, and it looked like no trips to India would happen for many months. Yet my life had just changed. A new partnership had been formed. I will be returning to the nations as soon as the doors open but in the meantime and while I am home from international trips I will be leading prayer teams throughout the state of Arizona. Although I am often “in India” via communication and through prayer, “working from home” has taken on a new meaning.

Boots on the ground! We spent several weeks praying in all 15 counties and met some wonderful people of God who are believing and contending for revival. We want to come alongside these faithful warriors and do all we can to see their regions transformed by the glory of God. We will be returning to strategic locations during the month of October and need your prayers and support. As we go to push others forward you are the ones who push us forward…you are vital to this assignment!  If you live in AZ, please contact us for ways to be involved in this ongoing Pray Arizona initiative.