One Prayer House at a Time

Team Report submitted by Shema

What happens when people pray? What happens when houses of prayer get built in the spirit first and then get translated into the natural? Prayer always lays the Praying at old CNIground for what God wants to do. Prayer precedes transformational revival as it comes into agreement with the plans of God and brings heaven to earth.

The past week in Kashmir has felt like a scouting trip for most of us. Right from the first day when we were invited to celebrate Eid with a precious Muslim family, through praying for the CNI (Church of North India) to win back a piece of their property from false claims (in order to set up a house of prayer), we felt like all along we were laying ground for the future.

The day afterShema with ladies in village Eid we were invited to a village up in the mountains inhabited by the Gurjar and Bakrwal tribes, largely an unreached people group. An open door stood before us with an invitation to invest in sheep herding projects that would help this nomadic group of people gain self sufficiency over a period of time. They invited us humbly in their homes to drink tea and break bread.

They then took us to a piece of land nearby and declared we could have it on a 99 year lease to build a community centre a.k.a. house of prayer. This was just one. Altogether we found at least four sites that had the potential to develop into houses of prayer in this turbulent region of Kashmir.

This wTeam on bridgeeek was spent poring over maps, declaring the will of God from mountain tops, planting seeds in an unused CNI property that also housed the graves of missionaries who’d given their lives for the gospel, praying across rivers for God’s glory to be made manifest in houses of prayer, seeing butterflies swirl across as soon as transformational revival is declared.

We believe in the spirit that these are signs of cracks in the wall. Come a little closer and look. From afar the wall looks unrelenting. But a closer look tells a different story. God is breaking through the dark. One life at a time. One village at a time. One prayer house at a time.