Two Great Weeks – Two to Go

After ministering in Delhi the day after I arrived in India, I headed to northern India and connected with a young pastor who’s been ministering in a particular area for some time. We did many house visits in the villages where we saw a number of healings and deliverances. During this time I was able to meet with some other church leaders and church planters. God is opening many effective doors for continued ministry in this area. Thank you for praying for laborers for the harvest in this strategic area.

During Easter week, I was with two dear friends at a CNI church in this same area. There has been great division in the church and God allowed me to meet and minister to the leaders on both sides. Thank you for praying for continued restoration of unity in this body of believers.

The second week was spent in another part of India with a ministry doing leadership training with nearly 400 senior leaders representing nearly 30,000 house churches with approximately 400,000 believers.

I joined with a missionary friend from Thailand and we did 6 sessions a day for 4 days, teaching and imparting for nearly 12 hours a day. The leaders were fully engaged and so hungry to hear and grow in the Word of God. They come from areas of great poverty and persecution yet were so full of joy and the love of God. We were able to hand out copies of The Shepherd’s Staff, a leadership training manual provided through 5 Rivers. What a great privilege to have such a huge platform to sow the Word of God into hungry hearts that will affect India for generations to come.

I was able to meet with 14 leaders who are involved with the Weaver’s Project. We are hoping to help them get their product to market and lift them out of poverty.

Now I am heading back north to meet with several pastors, do home visits, mountain village ministry as well as a one day pastors’ convention.

Your continued prayers are much appreciated for wisdom and grace, protection and health, and signs and wonders to draw people to Jesus!