A Taste of Asia

by Jan Taylor

The Lord blessed me with the chance to join Dan on a ministry trip to Hong Kong and India last month…the first time I’ve traveled with him to Asia, and the first time I’ve traveled this far! I want to say THANK YOU for all the prayers…God’s grace was so evident throughout the trip. My flesh did not look forward to the long flights and adjusting to new cultures, dealing with jet lag, etc. But my spirit got the last word…or should I say the Holy Spirit!

20151007_150045 (2)Our first 5 days were in Hong Kong for a missions conference through SEAPC (SouthEast Asia Prayer Center), and we were not only blessed to reunite with some wonderful folks, but had the chance to meet and pray with some of God’s frontline20151005_171034 generals from many Asia nations. Since we’re focused on India, it was especially a blessing to get to know Madhu Bala, a woman who ministers amongst the poor in Hyderabad. What a powerhouse intercessor she is as well. And it was a joy to spend 3 days with our daughter, Jenni, who teaches English in Shanghai…she came up during her holiday.

20151010_170220If I thought the first 5 days were a blur of activity, sights, sounds and smells of a new culture, there’s just no comparison with the next 5! Most of my pics of India were outside a car window going pretty fast up or down the mountain roads. We were always on our way somewhere…to visit believers in their homes…to pray…to attend events…to share the gospel…to minister in church. And always to have tea, and usually to eat! I was blessed by the hospitality and the love of the people. I was honored to be among such humble believers and pray with and for them.

We were welcomed at every turn, including an engagement ceremony on o20151012_091028ne day and a wedding another. Thanks to Neera of Christ Church, I attended the wedding in Indian attire. A highlight was to meet her and her husband, Mushtaq, as well as Pastor Daniel, his family and their entire church. Oh, and Dan’s special tour guide-turned20151013_172218 believer…Ravi and his precious family! And to finally meet Shema who travels often with Dan, bringing in the presence of God everywhere they minister. I have so many brothers, sisters, sons and daughters in India…it was a joy to meet so many of them on this quick “taste” trip…I tasted and experienced that this is good!! There’s a reason Dan goes several times a year.

Even at an engagement celebration, we saw healings! We visited Pastor Udabhr at his humble tea stall…his joyful spirit in the midst of poverty captured my heart. We visited the sisters who now own 3 cows and were blessed by the singing of the sweet children there. We loved up on everyone we could in that short time, and rejoiced in the marriage of Ashish and Kalpana, two young people Dan has known over 2 years. Enjoy a “taste” of India with me through the photos below. And if you’d like a taste of your own, contact us regarding trip opportunities for next year!

Wedding Group20151009_15013720151009_203716Screenshot_2015-10-11-17-11-01Screenshot_2015-10-11-17-10-3020151009_153651Screenshot_2015-10-09-21-19-31