We Can’t Thank You Enough

Our hearts are filled with gratitude to the Lord and you, for praying for the teams and this ministry this past year. We are thankful beyond words for those who sacrificed their time and resources to “go” as a team member, for those who helped “send” us and our Indian team members by giving (and helped support all the projects on the field), and for all the intercessors who prayed for us on these trips. How can we stop now?

Enjoy 2018 in pictures in our December newsletter and check out the galleries for more pictures…

Let’s Do It Again in 2019!

God is on the move in North India, and we’d love for you to be a part of His plans for this incredible harvest field this coming year.

* If you feel led to “go,” we will have spring, summer and fall trips again this year with prayer always being our primary focus, hitting various regions of North India and beyond. Come, be “boots on the ground” with us!

* If you feel led to “give” to send a team member, provide scholarships for our India team members, help towards one of the field projects (current needs are transportation for pastors and assistance in building prayer halls), or provide general support, your gift would have far reaching results!

* If you feel led to “pray” and be one of our intercessors, we would be forever grateful…nothing in this ministry happens without prayer! Please contact us to be part of our Intercessory Prayer Team.

Egypt, India & Cambodia: 9/17-10/15

This past January we went on a 1,500 mile prayer journey through Egypt, including 3 cities along the Suez Canal where we met some precious servants of God who have been working here for some years without seeing fruit.  We felt led of the Lord to return to this area with a prayer team to help them contend for spiritual breakthrough.  We will be joining a team from Pittsburgh and will be prayer walking this region as well as conducting 30 hours of non-stop worship and intercession.  Please believe with us for breakthrough!

After Egypt we will connect with additional team members in India.  We will be traveling for the next two weeks doing house visits, conducting revival services and visiting the village in the mountains of Kashmir where we have our sheep project. Please pray with us that there will be a demonstration of the Spirit’s power everywhere we go, the believers would be greatly encouraged and Jesus will make himself known to those who have never heard.

From India our team will go into Cambodia where our daughter, Jenni, has been serving. We will be doing some intensive personal ministry with her team of 9 Cambodian volunteers as well as visiting their Buddhist families.  Please pray that each one of these team members, and their families, will encounter Jesus in a life changing way.

Jesus Came – Everything Changed

In the spring of 2017 I was trekking in the Himalaya’s with a small team of Indian believers.  As we walked we would stop in villages along the way to rest, have tea and pray for those we met.

One morning we had been walking for some hours when we approached a house where the family invited us in to have chai. As we sat and talked, we found the man was the priest of the Hindu temple.  He told us that a spirit lived in him and would use him to prophesy to the people.  Because of this he had great respect and influence throughout the region.

To my surprise, as we were preparing to leave, this man and woman asked me to pray for them.  As I laid hands on them, their 17 year old daughter who was sitting on the floor behind us began to manifest an evil spirit (not a pretty sight). The father told us that she had been tormented by this spirit for 3 years.  He had taken her to many temples and gurus and spent hundreds of dollars to get her help but there was no one who could set her free.

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