Another Journey Begins

Dan will return to North India for a four week journey leaving March 8.  He will be going on a 10 day prayer journey with dear ministry partners into two states that he has never been to before.  One of these states is listed as having the highest amount of persecution against Christians in the nation.

He then will be visiting mountain villages in two more states helping to establish more training points for the International School of Ministry (ISOM) and helping pastors plant house churches.  Please pray for God to protect, lead and use Dan to advance His Kingdom in North India.

Pray for these devoted brothers and sisters who are pouring out their lives as a drink offering in some very difficult places.  They risk so much to faithfully continue to share the Gospel knowing they could pay a very high price for it.  Pray that they will remain faithful, will never deny Jesus and bear much fruit.


by Jenni Taylor

The rice fields lining the roads of Cambodia are a constant miracle. No matter how many hours I stare at these fields, I am always surprised by them. See? Suddenly the floods have come and the water is sparkling in the sunlight, white birds diving for fish. Now they are dry, the same yellows and browns as Van Gogh’s sunflowers. I look again and like a magic trick, every field is a shade of green stolen straight from The Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City. 

The farmers understand the transformation much better than I do. To me, it seems like an instantaneous miracle. Water, water, water, dry. Brown, brown, brown, green. It seems to pop up, overnight, and the world rolls on as if a miracle hasn’t just taken place over every blade of grass across the land. 

Five Rivers sent a powerhouse team to Cambodia one year ago, with one goal – to bring transformation. I’ve been lucky enough to be the “farmer” in this situation, an inside witness to the miracles taking place on a daily basis since their visit. I’ve seen the land go from brown to green, from dead to fertile. I’ve seen the power of prayer and resurrection breathe new life into people, places and systems ever since the team came to pray. 

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The God Who Breaks Through

It always amazes me that God equips us with exactly what we need to fulfill His assignments, and for us that is the spirit of breakthrough.  As we go to the nations to make Jesus known to those who have never heard, we feel we are on the forefront of the Kingdom of God being advanced.  To accomplish this, God has given us authority to bring change, to shift the atmosphere, to open up the heavens creating portals of His Presence.

We have heard story after story that after we came and prayed the impossible became possible. “When you came to Thailand with the prayer team everything has changed.  Churches are growing, souls are being saved, there is more unity and faith.  We are experiencing breakthrough in many areas for the first time.”

“When you came to Cambodia, even before you left, everything changed.  The roadblock to ministry that we thought was impossible to move was removed. Now there is freedom, joy and much fruit.”

“You came and prayed for a woman who was the only Christian in her village.  She had a tumor on her neck.  She was healed and now there are 20 believers in that village.  Everything has changed.”

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Speaking of Breakthrough…

God just did an amazing thing for us on our last trip. On August 5th the Indian army seized Kashmir arresting all of the government and business leaders. Nearly 1,000,000 soldiers flooded the area.  The entire state was on lockdown with no press, phones or internet (and is still very much affected).  We were very concerned as we have done much prayer there and have some dear friends that were caught in the middle of this military takeover. 

I kept asking the Lord to open Kashmir to me before I left India so I could go  there and pray.  And the God of breakthrough answered!  A week before I was to leave India, Kashmir opened and we quickly bought tickets, jumped on a plane and landed in Kashmir.  For three days we were able to stay with our Muslim friends who took us all over the city to pray. Literally, there was a soldier dressed in riot gear with a machine gun every 50 feet. Obviously, God wanted us to go there and pray at this crucial and strategic time.

Please continue to pray for safety for all our friends in this region. Please pray for the people to turn to Jesus in the middle of all their pain and fear and that there will be a great harvest of souls in Kashmir.