Another Amazing Week in Punjab

(Coauthored by Dan and Shema 4/5/16)

It’s hard to describe this past week of ministry in Punjab. The pictures help tell the story. We have done so many things in so many places!

Rick prayingIMG-20160402-WA0000close up prayer

Dan-Rick-Mushtaq-leaders PunjabWe began with a 2 day pastors’ conference bringing unity, humility, forgiveness and healing.  There were 80 pastors in attendance who now are making plans to have us return next year for a 3 day revival conference where they all would bring their churches together.  At least 10,000 people would be expected to attend.

We then conducterejoicing in upper roomd a revival conference for pastor Raj in Amritsar. There were more than 250 people crammed into an upper room for 3 days of meetings. The Presence of God came with great love and ministered to the people. There were many healings as well as deliverances. God is on the move.

Earnest prayerPastor Raj was greatly encouraged and has invited us to return next year to do a larger conference expecting at least 1,000 people…not sure how they will all fit in the upper room, however!

Along the way we stopped by the Methodist mission that has a well reputed school and college right in the heart of the town; the premises of which is a haven of serenity. In the nearby area we visited the Methodist church and met the priest, who seems open to having us there next year to hold revival meetings for about 3,000 people. All of this is coming together through Mushtaq. God has amazingly connected us with key people who have huge influence. 

Speaking of connections, we also landed up in some very rich and well to do houses to pray for people. This was through Najma, Mushtaq’s sister in law, who is a professional beautician with a very elite clientele. She has been sharing about Jesus with them and they were open to having prayer made for them. During our many home visits, we also found ourselves in one roomDan-Rick with group at kiln homes that were no more than a dirt floor and tin roof, right next to a brick kiln, and it was the same Jesus we were sharing. Rick would reach into his pocket and hand out a Starburst each to the kids, and they would treat us with their big smiles. Over and over again, we were hit with the truth that everyone needs Jesus. 

We are His hands extended…we are your hands extended, too. Thank you for sending us through your prayers and your giving. Many have been blessed because of time and/or finances you have sacrificed. People have still been contacting Mushtaq about how touched they were during Holy Week. Pray with us that God’s spirit would rest on those who are hungry for more, filling them each day.