• Please pray for our daughter, Jenni, working in Cambodia. Pray for her health (she was recently hospitalized with dengue fever and is recovering), and also pray for the Water Drop project where she is using a Christian curriculum to teach English to teachers who are Buddhist. Pray that she will have full cooperation of the school superintendents and full access to teach every teacher in the district. Pray that God will use this project to help change the nation of Cambodia.
  • Pray for a dear ministry partner who is going through a great conflict in his ministry. Pray for God’s wisdom and that there will be peace, unity and this matter will be fully reconciled.
  • Please pray for a young pastor who is building a prayer hall in his village.This is a highly persecuted area. Pray that there will be no conflicts and he and his family will be protected.
  • Please continue to pray for the village where we are doing the sheep project. Pray that each of the shepherds and their families will know the love of Jesus and become believers. Pray that the entire village will come to Jesus. Pray for the protection of the shepherds as one of them was attacked by a leopard recently as he fought it off protecting the sheep. Leopard and bear attacks are common in this area.
  • Please continue to pray for all of our ministry partners. That they will be protected, that their families will be blessed and their ministries would be fruitful. Also, pray that they will grow in faith, in character and spiritual maturity.
Thank you so much for your prayers!  

We are looking to increase our prayer base for these short term trips, and 20160401_201836also for 5 Rivers in general. Pat Butler is our Prayer Coordinator who normally will be sharing needs as they arise, especially during the team trips, and keep everyone posted. Please contact us if you’re able to be part of our intercessory team on a consistent basis or during trip dates – WE NEED YOU!  Prayer is the heartbeat of 5 Rivers.