• A newspaper in Kashmir quoted a government official as saying “Riots, protests and stone pelting are down 90% over this past year.” It was just one year ago October that we went there and conducted 40 hours of continuous intercession while the city was shut down due to riots for 78 days.

    Our prayers are joining those of many others and God is answering in Kashmir!


  • For the continued success of the Kashmir sheep project. That the sheep will survive the winter well, and none will be lost. That both the shepherds and the sheep will be well protected.
  • For Irfan, the leader of our sheep project, and for the shepherds involved. That they, their families and the village will be abundantly blessed and will come to know Jesus Christ.
  • For the process and success of establishing an Indian corporation for the purpose of starting small business projects.
  • For the Health clinic and House of Prayer to be established in Kashmir.
  • For our daughter, Jenni, as she prepares to leave for the mission field of Cambodia in January. She will be training 3000 teachers English over the next few years, enabling them to teach their students.
  • For our Ministry Partners in India.  That they and their families will be protected and covered in Gods’ grace and their ministries will be fruitful and multiply.
Thank you so much for your prayers!  

We are looking to increase our prayer base for these short term trips, and 20160401_201836also for 5 Rivers in general. Pat Butler is our Prayer Coordinator who normally will be sharing needs as they arise, especially during the team trips, and keep everyone posted. Please contact us if you’re able to be part of our intercessory team on a consistent basis or during trip dates – WE NEED YOU!  Prayer is the heartbeat of 5 Rivers.