PLEASE PRAY for the unreached people group called the Gujjars, located in northern Kashmir – that we will be effective in sharing the love of Jesus with them, and that the Shepherd Project we are initiating with the them would be successful.

PLEASE PRAY for the Northern India and Nepal prayer journey in late August/Sept:

  • Pray the Light of the world would dispel the darkness that permeates this region.
  • Pray that resistance to the Gospel would be replaced by hunger and thirst to know Jesus Christ through His Word.
  • Pray for opportunities to share Jesus and build relationships that would point people to Jesus.
  • Pray for breakthrough as the team prayer walks stronghold sites.
  • Pray for the team as they minister to Christians in the region.
  • Pray for healing and a great abundance of the Holy Spirit to come as they worship,minister, & pray.
  • Pray that Jesus would open eyes & ears & soften hearts so many would come to know Him.
  • Pray for safety, health, and protection as the team travels, ministers, and prays.

PLEASE PRAY for Thailand, that the prayers during our time there in July would bring much fruit.

Thank you so much for your prayers!  

We are looking to increase our prayer base for these short term trips, and 20160401_201836also for 5 Rivers in general. Pat Butler is our Prayer Coordinator who normally will be sharing needs as they arise, especially during the team trips, and keep everyone posted. Please contact us if you’re able to be part of our intercessory team on a consistent basis or during trip dates – WE NEED YOU!  Prayer is the heartbeat of 5 Rivers.