Our Thailand Prayer Journey

by Kenda Wallace

TeamThis was a Holy Spirit appointed and anointed trip. Only the Holy Spirit could put together a team of 12 people from Arizona, Egypt, India and China. A team that was passionate about prayer, breaking strongholds and praying in a nation to be on fire for Jesus. This is exactly what happened from July 3-12th.

20170707_140930Missionaries Dan and Debbie Ecker and our Thai Pastors Johanna and Bill had been praying for a breakthrough in Thailand. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit they strategically planned our trip to prayer walk in cities in the northern and southern part of Thailand where Buddhism and governmental strongholds had initiated. The first three days our team was divided into the North and the South teams. As we traveled our hosts shared with us the strongholds in the Thai culture, religion, politically, economically etc. As they took us to the Buddhist spirituals areas, ancient ruins, governmental buildings our team would prayer walk, bind the demonic influence and loose the love and grace of Jesus over these areas.

Buddist templeOn the 4th day the whole team came together in Bangkok, where we had the opportunity to prayer walk at the grounds of the Grand Palace. We were able to see why this was a strategic time for us to be here. Their beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadez died last October, after being on the throne for 70years. For many Thai’s, Bhumibol was a Father figure spiritually to them and they were truly mourning over his death. His body is in a golden urn in the Grand Palace for an official grieving period of one year. We were told the Thai people are very concerned about the future of the Monarchy. Will the Monarchy be ruled by the prince, princess or is this the end of the Monarchy era? Therefore, very much a gap year.

Team on busOur final trip was to Pattaya where we were at Pastor Johanna’s home/church. The first night Johanna took us up the mountainside of Amphoe Bang Lamung where the 60ft Golden Buddha is located. We quietly prayer walked and claimed that area for Jesus as people were worshipping this huge idol. Our prayer focus shifted when we went to the “Walking Street’ of Pattaya. We were able to see the activities of Pattaya’s Night life. It was here that we were able to observe the women caught up in prostitution waiting for someone to pay for their services. We prayer walked through these streets and prayed for people that Johanna and Bill have been reaching out to.

36 hr prayerOn Sunday, Dan was asked to preach at Pastors Johanna and Bill’s Church. The team prayed for a number of church people afterwards. At 6pm that evening we started the powerful 36-hour of prayer in their designated prayer room above her coffee shop/home. In reflecting back, it is awesome to see how the Holy Spirit had us first go back to the beginning of Buddhism, Monarchy, sexual trade, etc. in Thailand and bind those spirits. We declared that God would have full reign in this gap year and that we would see the Thai people come to know “Jesus” as their only KING.  The team flowed with scripture and visions. The first vision was Thailand now becoming the Bride of Christ, 2nd vision was the Thai people coming in multitudes into God’s Kingdom and the 3rd vision was the strengthening of Christian couples and families. At the end of the 36 hours we had peace that our mission was accomplished in the Heavenly Realms.

For me personally, this mission was an answer to a prayer I made when I was 17 years old. I had lived in Thailand as a summer exchange student. I lived with a Buddhist family, experienced the Thai lifestyle and went to a Thai school. I made a Christian friend at my Thai school that took me to her church. It put a desire in my heart to come back to Thailand, and share the love of Jesus. Now fast forward 43years later, that same spirit of excitement and adventure I had as a 17year old came immediately back.kenda overlooking city My sensorial memory of the tastes, smells, sounds, visual (all the temples, Buddhist alters, flowers, street food vendors, etc. )The difference this time was seeing the physical growth of Bangkok, but not evidence of Christian growth.  This made me more passionate in the prayer walks and the 36hours of prayer to see the Thai people be set free of strongholds and free to know their Savior. Even though I am back in the US, I am still passionate to pray for the Thai people and will continue to pray until revival comes to their land.