Leh: Looking Back, Praying Forward


Our last week was in Leh Ladakh in the far northeastern part of Kashmir. We had the great honor of meeting with Pastor Elijah, the pastor of the Moravian church for the past 26 years.  We sat for more than five hours as this man activated his teacher anointing and told us of the rich Moravian history of Leh Ladakh.  His grandfather was one of the first converts to Christianity in this region.  He was a well educated man and had a burden for the Tibetan people just north of the border where there were only a few Christians.

Tibetan Bible Manuscript 7.16Pastor Elijah pointed to pictures on the wall of his grandfather and then proceeded to open up a brief case filled with old papers…that just happened to be the original hand written manuscripts of the very first Tibetan Bible.  It was his grandfather that carried this burden for years, painstakingly translating each verse.

It was a great honor to see these historic documents first hand, looking back at the loTibetan Bibleng, difficult path Christians had followed to establish the church in this region. Many people had come here over the years. Many of them suffered tremendously and even died for their faith. We felt like we were standing in their shadows as we looked at these precious pages.

We had a wonderful time of prayer and ministry with 20150625_144108Pastor Elijah and his family that day, and later that night we went into the old Moravian church built in the 1800’s for worship and prayer…we were joining the great cloud of witnesses that had gone on before us.

kids in Tibet 7.16Before the week ended we were able to visit theJenni with Headmistress Moravian school that has almost 1000 students. Since Jenni is a teacher in China, this was right up her alley.  It was a great joy to see how God used her to connect with the Headmistress of the school which led to a powerful  time of prayer and ministry.

Leh sits at about 12,000 feet Glacier near passand the surrounding mountains are beautiful.  We were able to take a prayer drive to a mountain pass called Khardung La, and at 18,380 feet we were able to have a great time of prayer from this high place.

Lake 2

We were also able to take a prayer drive 5 hours to the Indian/Tibetan border.  Pangong Lake is a disputed territory and the Line of Actual Control passes through the lake. The name Pangong is derived from the Tibetan word Banggong Co meaning long, narrow, enchanted lake. Lake 1While one third of the lake is in India, the remaining two thirds is in Tibet that is controlled by China. This beautiful mountain lake, 83 miles long, connects the two nations…just as we are connected to the past by those who have gone on before us and yet praying forward as there is still much work to be done.