Starting the Year off Right

As many of you know, I have the great joy working with BridgeBuilders International Leadership Network while I have been home in AZ. This past January they hosted a major conference in Tucson called Start The Year Off Right. This is a conference  they have hosted for many years, although last year it was cancelled due to covid. We were able to partner with Zion City Church who did an amazing job hosting the conference.

Nearly 1600 people filled the auditorium for 3 days of meetings. The theme of the conference was “Hearing God in Chaotic Times.” Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs, Lance Walnau, Chuck Pierce and Will Ford were the primary speakers. Each one ministered under a heavy anointing.  The people who attended were so full of faith and anticipation.  When we worshipped it was like heaven was touching earth. This was a very significant event for the state of Arizona as we believe it moved us one step closer to seeing the Great Awakening we have been crying out for.

I had the honor of leading the prayer team in preparation for and during the conference.  It was such a joy to partner with the intercessors from Zion City Church and build new relationships with some wonderful people. Thank you BridgeBuilders for creating the platform for such an historic spiritual event to take place in Arizona!

Yuma Prayer Journey

Recently, I felt like God was laying Yuma on my heart.  It is a strategic border city in the southwest corner of Arizona.  The problem was I had no contacts there to connect with.  I decided to call the team together and plan the trip, trusting God would connect us with key individuals along the way. The next night I saw 2 national news reports about the immigration crisis and how it was affecting Yuma. To me that was a confirmation to go.  One day later God led me to meet a woman here in Phoenix that is from Yuma.  Her father in law is on the city council of Yuma, her mother is part of an intercessory prayer group there and she was able to put us in contact with a great church there. It is amazing what God will do if we are willing to step out in faith and just go!

So, in February a team of eight went there to pray for two days. We had the most wonderful time praying at the border wall in a small town called San Luis and connecting with the local believers.  Relationships are being forged so that we can continue to go there and pray until we see spiritual breakthrough with souls being saved, the churches growing and the border being fully secured.

Please continue to pray for us as we lead teams throughout the state of Arizona contending for the next Great Awakening. Our next prayer journey is the last weekend of March, and another planned for mid-May.

ISOM India Continues to Thrive

“I come from a low level caste” said Ashish.  “My people are the ones who sweep the streets, remove garbage and clean the toilets.  Now, because of Jesus, I am leading ISOM (International School of Ministry) all over North India and people look at me with honor and great respect.  I am so grateful to God that He has chosen what was considered worthless and is making me valuable for His Kingdom.”

Tears filled my eyes as we spoke over a zoom call.  I have traveled thousands of miles with Ashish and have helped mentor him for almost 10 years.  I love him deeply and am so proud of how he has developed into a very powerful man of God who walks in humility and authority at the same time. To see how he has humbled himself before God and how God has exalted him is such a great joy.

Today, because of his leadership, there are nearly 1,500 leaders enrolled in ISOM and are being prepared to be church planters.  Every few months that number multiplies as each of them begin teaching another group of leaders. Recently, Ashish just finished Trimester 3 training with our friend Josh’s top leaders from his 15,000 house church network. These leaders have again gone back to their villages to implement T3 teaching to their leaders.

We have also been able to get the ISOM notes translated into the Oriya language so we now have this Bible college curriculum being taught in two languages.  The Word of God is going out all over North India and beyond!


For He Alone is Worthy…Christ the Lord

As you celebrate Christmas, may you reflect on how worthy Jesus is of our worship. Our hearts are overwhelmed with thankfulness to the Father for sending Jesus (the greatest “gift”), to Jesus for humbling himself to come to earth as a baby and die a humiliating death on a cross for us, and to the Holy Spirit for the peace, comfort and joy He provides to each one of us. And, as always, we are so thankful for those of you who love and support the ministry of 5 Rivers International with your prayers and generosity.


Dan & Jan (& grandsons)

A Time to Give Thanks

Especially at this time of year, as many of us in the United States pause to “give thanks,” we want to express our deepest gratitude to you – for your love, prayer support and generosity that allow 5 Rivers to continue to bless India and the nations. 

We see you. We appreciate you. We thank God for you.

Who Knew?

It was October, 2012, and I was on my first missions trip to North India with Mark Geppert and SEAPC. Richard and Linda Salley were part of that trip and we connected in the spirit, enjoying great times of prayer together over India. We stayed connected over the years, with visits in each other’s homes (different states).  The Salleys have such beautiful hearts for missions, and great authority in prayer for the nations. They have an incredible ministry of networking people together to make a difference in the Kingdom. We met numerous missionaries through these visits and our hearts continued to knit deeply together. WHO KNEW where this would lead?

For years, the Salleys would talk about a ministry project they were involved with in CA via Good Shepherd Ministries called ISOM (International School of Ministry), and I even met someone who had worked on the translations into Hindi in India. The Salleys had heard of thousands of believers in third world countries being filled with the Holy Spirit and trained to evangelize their own people through ISOM. They invited me in 2017 and 2018 to the annual conferences. However, I did not feel this was something I was called to pursue for what God had me doing in India over these years. It was a wonderful Bible College on a flash-drive, but I didn’t “connect.”

Fast forward to February, 2019 – I was once again invited and this time felt compelled to attend (or maybe a little “pressured” as this time they purchased a ticket in advance for me and talked it up quite a bit). I was going to fit it in after a missions trip to Cambodia, so not only coming in after conference had begun, but pretty jet-lagged! WHO KNEW this would change everything? I think GOD KNEW (and the Salleys)!! I was able to meet with Dr Berin Gilfillan, the director, the Salleys purchased the program, and plans were made to get this going in North India. It has been an incredible and amazing story of what God has done since I met the Salleys in 2012. This story is JUST BEGINNING!

Today ISOM is exploding in India. My dear friend, Josh, has implemented ISOM training throughout his network of 15,000 house churches. We began with 39 of his top leaders coming to Delhi for 5 days of training in August, and have now just finished their second trimester. Those 39 have trained 700.  Those 700 have now finished the first trimester and are prepared to teach it to their next level of leaders.  By the time you read this those 700 will have multiplied into 3,500 people being trained in the Word of God! WHO KNEW God would take this to amazing levels so quickly?!

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