The Hand of God and the Love of Friends

As most of you know, during my last trip to India in June, I was in an accident.  I was on the back of a motorcycle high in the Himalayas when we lost control and slammed into the side of an oncoming truck.  My driver, a recent ISOM graduate with a heart to start a work in this very unreached region, had three breaks in his right leg and I had two breaks in my right femur.

Shortly after my surgery in India, a police investigator came to see me. He is Hindu and has investigated many accidents on that road.  He told me that according to his investigation, my driver had lost control of the bike and had crossed the lane. He said if we had not hit the truck, we would have crossed the lane and gone over the cliff 1600 feet into the river. (In fact, one day before my accident a man on a motorcycle, very near the location of my accident, did exactly that, falling to his death.)

This Hindu policeman was explaining to me that the only thing that saved our lives was the truck we hit and the fact we hit the back tires.  He kept throwing up his hand toward heaven saying, “Only the hand of God saved you. Only the hand of God!”  He was obviously very impressed we had lived! (We say “Thank you, Jesus, for the truck and angelic protection.”)

In the middle of all the pain, chaos of hospitals, ambulances, and surgeons during the next several days, what stood out the most to me was the love of my Indian friends.  At great hardship to themselves, they covered me, protected me, and got me the best help possible every step of the way, often staying with me night and day.  One dear brother held my blood transfusion against his chest trying to warm it up for me.  Another went to a metal shop to have a brace made for my leg so I could travel in the ambulance.

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ISOM Update

Three weeks after my accident I was able to stand long enough to preach at an ISOM graduation in North India.  It was a wonderful time as I spoke on “I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings.” Philippians 2:10

Currently we have more than 300 men and women who have fully graduated with a diploma in Biblical Studies. More than 2,600 people are enrolled in ISOM classes now and approximately 500 are due to graduate by the end of this year. The Word of God is being taught, people are being trained for fruitful ministry and the Kingdom of God is advancing in North India!

Historic Flooding in North India

Before I had left on my last journey a good friend left me a voice message about a prophecy she felt God had given her for North India. It was about rivers overflowing, old dams being opened, unprecedented devastation and flooding. That this was going to happen in the natural but also in the spiritual. I listened to it and thought, “I have no idea what she is talking about!”

Then, as I sat in bed recovering in North India, I looked out the window and the storms came.  And they kept coming.  Streets became rivers, cars began floating away, landslides washed out highways and huge buildings came sliding down the sides of the mountains…and the rain kept coming.  All five of the main rivers in the north were at flood stage.  Dams were opened to release the overflow that brought even more destruction to the towns down river. Once again, I listened to the prophecy and watched it being fulfilled before my eyes.

The Hindu people cried out to their gods, but the temples were being washed away and destroyed. Their gods could not help them.  They said it was worst flooding in known history for this area of India. Most of this flooding happened in a state where Christians are highly persecuted.  It is our prayer that what we have seen in the natural truly would happen in the spiritual.  Please pray that the Kingdom of God would sweep through North India like a mighty flood and millions of people would come to know the Most High God and His Son, Jesus Christ! May the believers in India minister hope to all those affected by disaster.

I Love Punjab!

“I am a little angry with you,” she said. Her voice was low and soft but the look in her eyes told me she was very serious. I sat across from my new friend, the wife of the Anglican priest whom I had stopped in to visit. I had no idea why God had me stop by and visit this man each time I came to his city. We had nothing in common. He was a highly educated priest of a wealthy and highly formal church while I was an American Pentecostal preacher. But, each time I came God would make me knock on his door and have an awkward conversation as we sipped chai.

Now, during one of these visits, his wife had sat down and let me know she was not happy with me. “I am very sorry, did I do or say something to offend you?” (It would not be the first or the last time I did something dumb to offend the Indian culture). “You come here and work with the private churches, but you do nothing to help us!”  If she was trying to hide her negative feelings toward me, she was doing a lousy job of it.

“Help you? I don’t understand. How could I possibly do anything to help you?” I asked, feeling very confused.  “Our churches are dying!” She explained. “We need revival! We need you to come to our churches and preach and pray.  We need you to come help us!” I sat looking at her thinking she must be a little crazy.  Me?  In an Anglican church?  I didn’t even know when to stand up and sit down in those formal services. “But,” I replied, “you know I am a Pentecostal preacher right?” I don’t think I would fit in your churches very well.” “No problem! No Problem! You come and bring revival and everything will be fine!”

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Upcoming Plans

Our Indian pastor friend, Josh (who oversees 14,000+ house churches throughout India) is in the US and will be with us Easter weekend. Looking forward to having him speak at our Gathering, and we will be doing some AZ prayer walking together, both in Phoenix and Prescott. Plans are currently underway for our summer trip. I will be spending approximately 5 weeks in India, including time in Nepal, traveling with US and Indian team members in various states and at different times – two different teams. I am EXCITED to return to Punjab for 8-10 days to continue to help establish the ISOM training points, and looking forward to being with our shepherds once again, as well as praying throughout new territory.

Thank You for Your Support in 2022

2022 Giving Statements have been sent out via email from our accounting system on 1/27/23. Please check your junk folder and contact us if you have not received yours.

A note from Dan…

In March of 2020 I was forced to leave India due to the Covid pandemic.  It was more than two years later that I was able to return in June, 2022.

I wasn’t sure what to expect upon my return but what I found truly astounded me. Our ministry partners not only endured the worst Pandemic in modern history but they actually flourished in it.

When I left India we had one class of 17 students enrolled in ISOM, (International School Of Ministry). Today we have more than 4000 students enrolled with over 100 who have fully graduated with a Bible Studies diploma.

We had begun ISOM in one language and now we are fully active in 4 languages and are making plans to expand into the nation of Nepal. When I was there last fall, God opened up an entire state for us to expand ISOM into by giving us wonderful strategic contacts that only He could do. He truly is an amazing God! The Word of God is being taught and people are being trained to become spiritual leaders, bearing fruit among their own people.

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