Current Giving Opportunities

Thank you for considering a financial contribution to 5 Rivers. Every gift helps. We appreciate you!

  • Our giving focus right now is for the vacant CNI property to be reactivated into a House of Prayer and a medical clinic: $10,000 is needed to plant this Christian ministry in the heart of Muslim dominated Kashmir. Gifts of any amount are needed and appreciated.

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Thank you for your generosity! We are excited to report God provided the full $15,000 to fully implement this project: 5 flocks of 25 sheep will be purchased that will multiply adding more shepherds and flocks in the years to come.  Through this economic development project we have been invited into a region of Northern Kashmir that has been closed to Christianity for 2000 years.

We are working with a tribe of Muslims who live in extreme poverty deep in the mountains of Kashmir. They are called the Gujjars, one of the most unreached people groups in the world.


Bicycles ($85) and motorcycles ($1000) for pastors, which are incredible blessings for those who minister in remote villages.  

See our Transportation for Pastors project section:


  • Monthly support or gift of any amount to 5 Rivers for continued ministry growth and ability to help with needs as they arise on the field. We do not always know what will be needed, but we praise God when we are able to provide for those needs in India, as our ministry is supported by YOU!

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