Jesus Came – Everything Changed

In the spring of 2017 I was trekking in the Himalaya’s with a small team of Indian believers.  As we walked we would stop in villages along the way to rest, have tea and pray for those we met.

One morning we had been walking for some hours when we approached a house where the family invited us in to have chai. As we sat and talked, we found the man was the priest of the Hindu temple.  He told us that a spirit lived in him and would use him to prophesy to the people.  Because of this he had great respect and influence throughout the region.

To my surprise, as we were preparing to leave, this man and woman asked me to pray for them.  As I laid hands on them, their 17 year old daughter who was sitting on the floor behind us began to manifest an evil spirit (not a pretty sight). The father told us that she had been tormented by this spirit for 3 years.  He had taken her to many temples and gurus and spent hundreds of dollars to get her help but there was no one who could set her free.

I told him, “We have come in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Most High God, and with your permission we will pray for her and Jesus will set her free.” With desperation in their eyes they begged me, “Yes! Please pray!”

As we prayed, Jesus came…and the evil spirits left.  The girl was gloriously set free.  Our team members prayed with the entire family to accept Christ.  Jesus had come to their home and He did what their gods could never do.  He loved them, delivered them and now was living inside of them. For the next two days the dad followed us as we trekked. We continued to teach him about Jesus and pray with him.

This past July I returned to this same area.  My young pastor friend took me up the mountain to once again visit this family who were not only living for Jesus, they had begun a church in their home!

That night I sat listening and watching as the house was filled with people worshipping.  Tears came down my face as I watched the mom, dad, their daughter and teenage son lift their faces toward heaven and worship Jesus. Last year this home had been filled with pain and spiritual torment.  Now it was filled with the glory of God.  As the dad told me, “You brought Jesus to our home, now everything has changed.”

Because YOU prayed, gave and sent us, Jesus came and everything changed. And we can’t wait to bring Him to more people and more places on this next trip – and watch Him change everything for these precious ones!