“Prayer Hiking” the Mountain Villages

worship at kullu mtn area waterfall - CopyWe just finished our first week in a beautiful area of northern India. After weather delaying us and a necessary change in travel plans, we arrived very weary but excited to minister. We connected with one of the local pastors and held a one day conference for about 150 people, bringing God’s presence and kullu conf 2 closeupwatching Him move. We then spent the next 3 days prayer walking the mountains and visiting villages. We were told over and over that there were thousands of villages throughout these mountains with no Christian presence that they knew of.

Our pastor friend arranged a meeting in one village where they invited the locals to come. We had a powerful time of prayer as many Hindus were healed and set free from demonic spirits…even a 9 year old boy was gloriously set free.  It was a powerful witness for Christ as we presented the Gospel with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power. Next we were taken to a place where there were some Nepali laborers who lived in shanty tents alongside the mountain road.  Once again Jesus came to heal and deliver.  One woman in particular, who had hated Christians and opposed them was beautifully set free from evil spirits.

man in kullu mtn villagewoman by road in kullu mtn villageman by road in kullu mtn villagetwo women in village near kullu - Copy

On Saturday Shema and I were allowed to speak for 10 minutes at a pastors meeting. The next day the leader of this Pastors’ Association was at the church we spoke at in another town.  After the service he very eagerly invited us to come back to his area and work with all the pastors in the valley. Once again God has given us a wide open door for greater ministry in the future.

Later on SatDan - Shema - Ashwini on mtn in rainurday we drove up the mountain a ways to go pray at a Hindu temple that is a major spiritual power point in this area. Once out of the car we began to walk up the mountain, for 3 ½ miles…in the rain, Shema and I in flip flops…completely unprepared for such a hike.  Along the way I thought “God, this is a little crazy to be hiking up a mountain in the rain to go pray at some temple.”  But our team was amazing…no one complained, no one turned back.  At the top of the mountain and a cloud was literally covering us.  We could barely see the temple because of the fog.

Because of the rain and fog we found ourselves the only people in the temple…no usual crowds, not even the priest was there. So we turned that Hindu temple into a wonderful house of prayer.  We then made our way back down the mountain trail while the rain continued to fall. This video gives you a glimpse of our hike down.

We spent about 5 hours that day hiking in the rain up and down a mountain “just to pray” for a short time in a temple. Sounds crazy but this is what we do…we go, we pray and God moves. Can’t wait to see the breakthrough He brings due to our obedience. Thank you to all of you who have prayed and given to send us here.  God is using us and the gospel is being preached with signs and wonders to those who have never heard.  “How can they hear without a preacher? How can they believe if they have never heard?” Because of you they are hearing…and believing!