Our Assignment: 40 Hours of Prayer

prayer-circleOur second week began with a 3-day stay at a CNI church doing a House of Prayer in the volatile region of Kashmir, with someone “on the wall” for 40 hours straight except for a few meals and tea breaks. The Spirit came on us with waves of His presence showing us what to pray. Praying in accordance with the will of God is prayingalways enriching and fulfilling as the Spirit prays through us. To be His vessels for this purpose was a great honor. In the morning members from the church joined us along with some Korean missionaries. Declared I Peter 2:9-10 over the youth of Kashmir.

kashmir-newspaperWe rejoiced hearing of increased movement on the streets, more shops open, traffic slowly picking up. Also there were some happenings in the UN between India and Pakistan that may affect infiltration of militant elements across the borders. We prayed long and hard for the borders of our nations! About 3:30am on the second night Shema began to hit it with a great anointing…the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is walking the border shaking his mane of fire. A local woman came to join us and God gave her a strong Spirit of intercession…she prayed all night with a great burden of the Lord. She is the one who suggested the reconciliation service to end our time together on the last day, whichfoot-washing-2 was very powerful as Indians and Kashmir’s asked each other’s forgiveness, wreconciliation-prayerashed each other’s feet and took communion to-
gether. It was a beautiful time in the presence of the Lord. So powerful and anointed.

On the third day we went up early to the ancient Shankaracharya temple here. We were able to pray over this city from a great vantage point. People are saying the atmosphere has changed…and they are attributing it to prayer. A Muslim man came for prayer…what a jlarge-team-at-templeoy to pray over him!  God is moving in Kashmir. We stepped on the stage for a moment and played our little part in a great drama that continues to unfold. We felt so blessed to be burning before the lord and praying for Kashmir at such a crucial time. Thanks for praying for us and with us.

pastor-udivehr-motorcycleIn Chandigarh we had a pastors meeting and were able to help purchase 3 motorcycles for pastors. One came to Shimla to thank me and laid his head on my chest and began to weep. I don’t think we can over-estimate what these little gifts mean to these men who are pouring themselves out as drink offerings for the causmall-team-with-ravi-familyse of Christ every day.

Another highlight of trip was being with our tour guide, Ravi, and his family. Love them!

We ended the week with 3 days in Shimla. What a sweet presence of God in Christ Church for all services, with many physical and emotional healings. A major breakthrough was for a teenage boy who was under a lot of oppression…could not go to school, laid in bed all day, ate massive amounts of food with no weight gain. He just stood weeping, not able to lift his head, under the seat of darkness that didn’t belong in him! After a time of prayer, God set him free…it was beautiful to watch God do only what He can do. Darkness left as light entered his soul. He was feeling very overwhelmed at all that was happening, but his face was shining and radiant the next day…he even looked us in the eye with a hint andrew-dan-praying-at-christ-churchof a smile. Those who knew him testified to the transformation. It blessed our hearts to see such a change and deliverance over that young life. God is so good. On Sunday morning we released the spirit of victory and breakthrough over the region… God’s presence was so strong in the room.

Our third week will be in Egypt. Excited to see what God will do through our prayers there. Thank you for partnering with us in this divine adventure.