Shimla: A Weekend of Healing and Revival (9/6/15)

IMG-20150904-WA0024Our wonderful trip ended with an incredible weekend of ministry in Shimla. Mushtaq invited us to conduct a 3 day conference at Christ Church. This is a very traditional Anglican church that is 150 years old. I must say I felt more comfortable being in the villages than in this very formal religious setting. Mushtaq had advertised the meetings as a 3 day Healing and Revival conference…and that is exactly what God did.

The first night there were over 200 people…a large crowd for north India. When we invited people to come forward for prayer there were some who literally ran to the front. God poured out His Spirit so wonderfully as the people filled the aisles and the front of the church wanting to receive prayer.

Altar prayer at Christ Church (2)The second night there were more than 300 in attendance. After preaching I asked all those with back pain to stand. We prayed for healing and God answered. When they were asked if the pain was gone hands shot up all over the building. People laughing as they moved around realizing God had touched them. Then knees, shoulders, eyes, ears, stomachs…they continued to stand for each one and as we prayed God healed. The people of Christ Church had never experienced anything like this before. It was a great joy to see their faces light up with big smiles and looks of amazement as they realized God had healed them.

Sunday morning there were more than 400 people there as word had begun to spread that God was changing lives. That morning I preached on forgiveness. When I asked people to stand who needed to forgive someone nearly the entire congregation stood to their feet. One woman told me that her husband had left her 32 years ago and today was the first time she had forgiven him. The presence and love of God was almost tangible as people were healed and set free from bitterness and unforgiveness. Now they were able to truly receive God’s forgiveness as well.Christ Church

Mushtaq told me we had made history. In the 150 years of Christ Church there had never been such a conference. God is pouring out His Spirit in Shimla!