Is it Worth it?

It was Spring, 2017. 
My lungs were on fire as I gasped for air which was in scarce supply at 11,000 feet.  My leg muscles were quivering from exhaustion from carrying my 35 lb. pack seven miles straight up a mountain.  I would take 15-20 steps, stop, suck air, then repeat… again and again. I felt God had told me to trek these mountains and pray but now all my prayers were focused on me not collapsing!  I was thinking, “I sure hope this is worth the pain.”  Finally, after several hours we reached the top and I dropped my pack and fell to the ground.  As I was trying to recover and feel my legs again I began to look around.  We could see hundreds of small villages scattered across the mountains in every direction.  From here we began to pray, prophesy and make declarations releasing the Kingdom of God throughout this region. For six days we did this, trekking, sucking air and praying.

Fast forward to Spring, 2019.
I was able to go back to this same region for a visit.  This time I met four different pastors that had been working in this area.  Each one told me of a great move of God that was taking place.  They now estimated that there were nearly 15,000 believers in this region, most of who had come to the Lord in the past two years.  During our time of ministry there God used us to bring deliverance, healing and great encouragement to hundreds of new believers.  

In this area filled with thousands of temples and false gods, Jesus is making Himself known. Men, women, boys and girls – each one experiencing the joy of freedom and forgiveness. Now in nearly every village that we had prayed over two years ago there are believers and they continue to multiply. We know our prayer journey there was a small part of a bigger picture. Many people have sacrificed, prayed and worked to see this move of God, but in faith and obedience we were honored to play our small part in His Kingdom plan.    

We pray.  We go.  God moves. This is not just a ministry motto…this is who we are.  This is what we do.  So climbing up mountains enduring the pain and sucking air until you fall over…is it worth it?   Jesus thought so.  But instead of carrying a backpack up a mountain He carried a cross.  He endured the pain.  He shed His blood.  He died.  “For the joy that was set before Him He endured the cross”. As we go and pray we have the great honor of sharing in his joy.  Thank you for praying for us…for sending us…that we all may share in His joy together. Your support means the world to us and allows us to “go!”