One Day Better Than Another

One of our team members, Pat, sums up Week One:


sep16-jammu-team-praying-at-a-home“We have had an amazing week in north India – one day better than another. These are such beautiful people. We have gone into many homes, heard of the situations, joys, & problems and prayed with the people. We have visited many Churches and prayed for revival and the needs of the people. We have participated in a Pastors conference and a Peace Convention and prayed for healing, revival, asking God to come in abundance, bring Peace, and bless these people. We have ministered to the poorest of the poor in the slums of Jammu. We have prayed for Peace over the border of India & Pakistan. We have seen so many people healed. Our God is amazing.”

Some highlights from the week with pics from various team members posts:sep16-jammu-andrew-praying-over-group-of-men

Pastors conference with great weeping and repentance, so visibly moved by the message and the Presence of the Lord. Youth service, and again, powerful Presence of God moving over these young people. House visit with a pastor that has been highly persecuted for his faith, such a precious man of God moving forward with no fear. The team was so blessed to meet him, and prayed three prophetic words which were all confirmations to him.


sep16-jammu-area-group-at-small-churchPrayer drive to the Pakistan border. Were blessed to worship and pray with some families at the first church ever built in this region (1872)…a portal of the Holy Spirit in this area.


We visited the slums in Jammu for the afternoon, able to pray with sep16-jammu-2-girls-at-slumso many of these “beggars” and “nomads,” as they are called. It was an amazing day, and we were able to pray with so many of these precious ones. In the evening we ministered at a church that is established in that area, focusing on the poorest of the poor. It was heart rending to see the little children (“beggars”) totally lost in worship and loving and being loved by sep16-jammu-group-of-kids-at-slumtheir Jesus. This church is filled with people full of faith in a great God and they are focused on outreach and missions, doing what many would say is impossible! But they PRAY and they BELIEVE. What an honor to share fellowship with these beautiful people.


sep16-dalhousie-combined-church-serviceSeveral hundred people (some even sitting outside) in combined services with CNI and Catholic churches for Fri, Sat and Sun. God came in an amazing way, with wave after wave of the Spirit and for nearly an hour, no singing, no music, no talking, just experiencing His love and grace. Following that time, we prayed for the sick asep16-dalhousie-dan-praying-over-priestnd rejoiced at more than a hundred hands shooting up declaring the pain was gone. The atmosphere has changed in this place. The priest was so hungry for God, and received all of this so beautifully.







Week Two has begun…and as of Monday the team is safe at their destination in a volatile area for a 36 hour House of Prayer…so thankful for your prayers. See requests here.