Lifting the Veil

by Jenni Taylor

I am a huge fan of the Avengers. Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk – they assemble from different places, different backgrounds, and different story lines to gather together in a time of need. This past February I got to work with the real Avengers – a team assembled from America, Egypt, India, Thailand, and Cambodia, who gathered together and changed the very atmosphere over Sisophon.

Sisophon is just a small dot on a map in the northwestern corner of Cambodia in a province called Banteay Meanchey. For the past year, I have been working with a team of thirteen young Cambodian Christians. We have been teaching a Bible-based English program called Water Drop to the teachers in the province, so they can start English programs in their own schools. While we have had some government support, much of our work here has felt like treading through water.  

The team visited strategic points throughout the province. Each place we went held spiritual significance. Our main prayer in each location was to lift the veil of cloudy thinking, closed ears and closed eyes so the people would have free and complete access to seeing Jesus. (2 Corinthians 4:4)

We also did personal ministry and home visits. We stand in prayer with the team of Cambodian young people praying for their families to be saved. Each time we visit, the families have been open to prayer and hearing about Jesus. One of the most powerful moments was when a young woman from the team prayed over her father for the first time, her hand on his shoulder and tears in her eyes.

The week culminated in 26 hours of prayer, but much of the 26 hours were spent in thanksgiving as we felt the veil had truly been lifted and the battle had been won. That night while we prayed the blood of Jesus over the land, we saw an unscheduled blood red moon rising in the sky and the Lord led us to Acts 2:19-21. Since the team has left, the very atmosphere of the city has changed. Previously where a dull gray haze hung over us, we now have stars, sunsets, and sunrises declaring the glory of God.

Please join us as we celebrate and look forward to the changes unfolding here in Banteay Meanchey. Please pray for our Cambodian national missionary team, who have been given the task of raising up four disciples each who will join the Banteay Meanchey Arise project. Pray for our foreign missionaries who have committed to serve here. Pray that now the veil has been lifted, the leadership of the province begins to make the necessary changes to give much needed momentum to these projects. Pray that the leaders down to the teachers and their students fully commit to a vision of academic excellence and embrace Jesus as their Prince of Peace.