Another Journey Begins

Arrived safely in Delhi and had a great time in church on Sunday. Worship was over the top and a good presence of God while preaching. Got to have lunch with everyone at the church and they continued to come for prayer all afternoon. Monday morning we headed to Punjab joined by our Indian team from Delhi, where we mJUN15-GoldenTempleGroupet up with Mushtaq and Neera. We visited the Golden Temple during the day, prayed at Neera’s mom’s house, and church service in evening…about 100 people, including our two Sikh drivers (who were first to come to the altar for prayer). Great start to the trip.

IMG-20150619-WA0002Tuesday was busy with house visits, a mid-day gathering, praying at the Pakistan border, topped off with an evening service. Approximately 200 people crammed into an upper room of a house they use for church. Over 90 degrees with no a/c…we were dripping sweat but no one cared. Our time of prayer and worship was off the charts, a very powerful time. So blessed to have Shema with us once again to lead worship. There was no room to come up for prayer, but God began healing people where they were as I called out words of knowledge and prayed. The pastor is very excited and already wanting us to return next spring. Vicki and Theresa are having a blast as God is flowing through them in prayer and prophecy.

Josh and Dinu have been wonderful, and it is so good to connect them with Mushtaq and Neera. On Wednesday we were able to connect with Josh’s contacts up north. Josh is really praying for God’s strategy in this area. God has truly connected all of us in the spirit. While in Jammu we prayer walked the Kali Temple at the Bahu Fort, then a temple of 33 million gods (very powerful time there), and the King’s Palace, praying for governmental transformation. We are all so enjoying being here and doing what God has for us to do…first and foremost, praying…everywhere we are, everywhere we go.

Doors for future involvement continue to open. It’s so exciting to see what God is orchestrating, and how our prayers can affect things on an eternal level. We’re off to “tour” Srinagar next. Appreciate your prayer covering. This trip is very strategic. We can feel it.