Pray Arizona – A New Partnership

“There have been many prophesies about Arizona being the tip of the spear and leading the way for national revival. What I want to see are prayer teams going to strategic locations throughout the state, staying for several days at a time and pray until we get breakthrough. It needs to be a sustained effort with measurable results.”

I just sat there and stared at him quietly for a moment. A mutual friend was introducing me to Hal and Cheryl Saks. Hal and Cheryl have been directing a prayer ministry here in Arizona for more than 30 years called BridgeBuilders. While I knew of them for years, this was our first time to officially meet. As I sat and listened to Hal’s heart the Holy Spirit began to poke me. This is not why I came to meet them, I thought. This was not on my radar. Then I heard the Spirit say, “This is your assignment. India is closed right now. I have a work for you to do here.”

Finally, I looked at Hal and said, “That is what I do. I go to the nations. I pray and God brings breakthrough. If you want to do that here then I am in.  Hal, you are the senior Apostle of prayer for the state of Arizona.  The only way I will do this is if I am connected to your mantle of spiritual authority in this state. Are you good with that?”

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