India’s 2nd Wave of Covid Weakens

India has experienced a second wave of covid that many of my friends say was much worse than the first.  At one point over 6,000 people a day were dying. There is no way to calculate the loss, the pain and suffering as it seems every family in India has been deeply affected by this.  The people do not trust the government and many refuse to go to the hospitals.  They say “Everyone who goes to the hospitals die.” Now, as this second wave begins to weaken there are reports that a third wave of a variant may be on its way.

  • Please pray that there will not be a third wave of covid.
  • Pray that in the middle of all this pain and suffering Christ will be preached and there will be a massive nation-wide revival as millions come to Christ.
  • Pray that the doors will open soon and I may return to my beloved India.