Utah Prayer Journey

This past June we partnered with BridgeBuilders and took a prayer team to St. George, Utah.  Utah is said to be less than 4% evangelical Christian.  Talk about an unreached people group! We had a wonderful, highly trained team of 11 people and we spent 3.5 days prayer walking the region.  We were able to partner with our new friends, David & Karen, who have moved there to see the Kingdom of God established in that region.

What we experienced while we prayed was overwhelming as God gave us revelation after revelation. We very much believe that breakthrough in this region is the key to seeing the lost come to Christ by the thousands.

  • Pray for David and Karen, that God will strengthen them and sustain them.
  • Pray that God will give them a “Person of Peace” who will open doors for them in strategic places.
  • Pray that God will bring them another couple to partner with them who have a kindred spirit to see the Kingdom of God come to St. George and the surrounding region.