ISOM India Continues to Thrive

“I come from a low level caste” said Ashish.  “My people are the ones who sweep the streets, remove garbage and clean the toilets.  Now, because of Jesus, I am leading ISOM (International School of Ministry) all over North India and people look at me with honor and great respect.  I am so grateful to God that He has chosen what was considered worthless and is making me valuable for His Kingdom.”

Tears filled my eyes as we spoke over a zoom call.  I have traveled thousands of miles with Ashish and have helped mentor him for almost 10 years.  I love him deeply and am so proud of how he has developed into a very powerful man of God who walks in humility and authority at the same time. To see how he has humbled himself before God and how God has exalted him is such a great joy.

Today, because of his leadership, there are nearly 1,500 leaders enrolled in ISOM and are being prepared to be church planters.  Every few months that number multiplies as each of them begin teaching another group of leaders. Recently, Ashish just finished Trimester 3 training with our friend Josh’s top leaders from his 15,000 house church network. These leaders have again gone back to their villages to implement T3 teaching to their leaders.

We have also been able to get the ISOM notes translated into the Oriya language so we now have this Bible college curriculum being taught in two languages.  The Word of God is going out all over North India and beyond!