Restoring Property, Changing Lives

In Kashmir, the Church of North India (CNI) owns several large properties that have been vacant for years. One such property is in an area of southern Kashmir where it is 100% Muslim with no known believers.

During my last trip to this region I was able to meet with Dr. Sarah who is the head of a CNI hospital.  She shared with me that the people in the area of this vacant property are in great need of health care as they have no access to a hospital or clinic. Dr. Sarah is ready to commit doctors and nurses who would serve at the clinic, however the property needs to first be renovated/restored to usable condition.

Also, on this property, there is a small chapel that we hope to use as a House of Prayer and bring prayer teams into Kashmir.  Next to this chapel there is a grave yard for missionaries that had worked in this area more than 50 years ago, and we believe we are providing an answer to their prayers. 

5 Rivers has committed to giving $10,000.00 to reactivate this property into a health clinic and House of Prayer. By restoring this property, we will be able to plant a Christian ministry in the heart of a Muslim region and change lives. Thank you for prayerfully considering a donation.

Be Fruitful and Multiply (Kashmir Sheep Project)

Last month I was able to travel to Ringa Whalli, Kashmir and initiate the sheep project for the Gujjar people.  Right now they are in the process of purchasing 125 sheep. A big thank you to those who helped fund this project. God provided abundantly through His people and this was a wonderful testimony to those in the village.

This is an amazing opportunity. Through this project we have gained access to the village to pray and minister in the name of Jesus, being welcomed with open hearts and arms.

Moving Towards Reconciliation in Leh

In this predominantly Buddhist region there is a Moravian church that has a rich history of prayer and missions. But sadly, this church is now divided and the reputation of the Christians has suffered great harm.  There are less than 200 Christians in this region of 200,000 people.

God has allowed me to form a strong relationship with the pastor and has also allowed me to pray with the leaders who have opposed him. We have committed to Pastor Elijah to return next summer and conduct 30 hours of non-stop worship and intercession for the purpose of bringing spiritual breakthrough to the church and the region. Please pray for the Church in Leh to humble themselves, forgive one another and be reconciled so that the Kingdom of God can once again move forward in this region.