Training and Equipping Leaders

Recently we were able to establish our first ISOM (International School of Ministry) training with 10 pastors. There are 160 classes on video with some of the best teaching available anywhere in the world.  If you have a computer you can have a Bible college.  There has been a move of God in this region and there are many pastors in leadership that have no solid training.  Through ISOM we will be able to train and equip hundreds of pastors to become strong in the Word. Please pray with us that many more training sites will be quickly established and that many pastors and leaders will enroll this coming year. Pray for these leaders to grow in knowledge, wisdom and faith and have fruitful ministries that will multiply!

North India – Fall, 2019

What an incredible prayer journey! We had an international team of eight people who came from Egypt, Thailand, India and America.  We had a wonderful time prayer walking high places (one at 18,380 feet!), monasteries and other power points throughout two states and were able to do some personal ministry along the way.  One state was primarily Buddhist while the other one was primarily Hindu.

Recently, there has been renewed persecution against the Christians here.  We were able to connect with some dear friends that have been working in these difficult areas for a long time.  God used us to minister to them bringing renewed faith and encouragement. He also used us to release some divine strategy of how to continue to grow even as the churches and Bible schools are being attacked and shut down.  We were able to do teaching on how to implement a house church strategy.  Everywhere we went the pastors listened intently and received the teaching with eagerness and open hearts.

Another strategy we were able to release was the establishing of ISOM training centers.  ISOM is the acronym for International School of Ministry.  There are 160 classes on video with some of the best teaching available anywhere in the world. 

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The Moravian Lampstand

The elderly woman was slender and frail.  Her long grey hair hung in a ponytail down her thin back.  She looked tired as she took my hand and looked up at me, her dark brown eyes brimming with tears, the pain of her soul on full display.  “Please pray for my husband,” she pleaded.  “He is very broken.”

It was the summer of 2018 and this woman was the wife of the pastor of the Moravian church in the far North East corner of India along the Tibetan border.  They had been ministering among the Buddhist people here for more than 30 years.  But nearly five years ago there was a great conflict that arose in the church and it was deeply divided.

The pastor’s wife shared with me that the severe personal attacks and division had taken a toll on her husband emotionally and physically.  After 30 years of faithful ministry he was preparing to retire feeling broken and defeated. We had come here to conduct 26 hours of nonstop prayer seeking God to bring healing and unity to this church that had once carried the fire of God.

The Moravian church had begun in Germany during the early 1700’s.   God poured out His Spirit and the result of this visitation was 24/7 worship and prayer that lasted more than 100 years.  Out of this womb of intimacy missionaries were sent out all over the world to share the gospel of Christ.

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Time to Return

God has answered prayer and has given us a wonderful team for our fall trip. We have five people from the U.S. along with people from Egypt, Thailand and India joining us. We arrive India on September 20th and will be prayer walking in Northeast India, ministering at the Moravian church and then going into the mountains working with a local pastor. This team will leave India October 1, and Dan will continue to do mountain village ministry for the next 18 days.