Is it Worth it?

It was Spring, 2017. 
My lungs were on fire as I gasped for air which was in scarce supply at 11,000 feet.  My leg muscles were quivering from exhaustion from carrying my 35 lb. pack seven miles straight up a mountain.  I would take 15-20 steps, stop, suck air, then repeat… again and again. I felt God had told me to trek these mountains and pray but now all my prayers were focused on me not collapsing!  I was thinking, “I sure hope this is worth the pain.”  Finally, after several hours we reached the top and I dropped my pack and fell to the ground.  As I was trying to recover and feel my legs again I began to look around.  We could see hundreds of small villages scattered across the mountains in every direction.  From here we began to pray, prophesy and make declarations releasing the Kingdom of God throughout this region. For six days we did this, trekking, sucking air and praying.

Fast forward to Spring, 2019.
I was able to go back to this same region for a visit.  This time I met four different pastors that had been working in this area.  Each one told me of a great move of God that was taking place.  They now estimated that there were nearly 15,000 believers in this region, most of who had come to the Lord in the past two years.  During our time of ministry there God used us to bring deliverance, healing and great encouragement to hundreds of new believers.  

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An Amazing ISOM Connection

As we shared in March, we hope to begin International School of Ministry (ISOM) training centers in North India, and asked you to pray. We have found that one of our ministry partners (and his wife) graduated ISOM 7 years ago. He is thrilled with the training and is eager to be our point person to establish these centers. We believe many of those in the region we just visited will greatly benefit from this leadership training. Only God could have arranged this! We are grateful for generous donors who provided this tool.

Springtime is Trip Time!

Dan and a small team will be in India Mar 15 – April 18. This trip will involve travel to 2 states. It begins with conducting a 4 day leadership conference for 110 house church leaders in Delhi,  going to Kashmir to visit our shepherds and check on the sheep project, meeting with ministry partners, visiting and prayer walking mountain villages and doing many, many house visits. Please cover Dan and the team in prayer. It’s going to be an amazing journey, and we look forward to far reaching results. If you would like to help sponsor an Indian team member or contribute to the conference costs, please see Ways to Give. Thank you!

Going Deeper – ISOM Training

5 Rivers has just come into a partnership with the International School of Ministry (ISOM). ISOM provides first class materials to disciple and train leaders for fruitful ministry.  The materials are provided on video and can be discreetly distributed…even the most remote villages can have access to the best teachers in the world.  Training is balanced in three areas: knowledge, character and gifts. Through this partnership, we are believing God to establish ISOM training throughout North India.  Our goal this year is to set up 4 training locations with some of our current ministry partners.  Please pray men and women will be discipled, trained and released to bring in the harvest in North India.