God is Full of Surprises (3/21/15)

(Mar 21, 2015) God is full of surprises! On Thursday, we were invited to go to a school with about 200 kids, started by a guy who wanted to care for the street kids (most live in tents). They areSchool sign called “ragpickers” because they would pick through the garbage looking for recyclables to sell.  I had no idea we were doing this until our driver stopped at the school. After it was all over I found out about the children and where they come from.

They lined up the children in 2 lines and we passed between them as threw flowers on us and put a string of flowers on our necks. They were all shouting Welcome, God bless you. They all looked so beautiful, clean and innocent in their uniforms. Andrew played a song for them. They asked me to share. Once again, I had no idea where these kids came from…so I shared about dad, the alcohol, the beatings, mom…The presence of God was beautiful. At the eDan hugging childnd they brought a little girl up to me for a presentation and told me “she has no mother and no father.”  She hugged me and I just about broke. It was the most amazing time of sharing the love of the Father. It is an experience none of us will forget. They were amazed that a white man had a similar story.

Had a great time the rest of the day making personal visits. Got a short time of prayer walking in at the Golden Temple. Went to a business and led the man, his wife and older Team at Golden Templeson to the Lord. They had asked for prayer over their business, which was in distress. The local pastor had been visiting them and they were so open. What a beautiful presence of God as this Sikh family accepted Christ with the Pastor in their own language. They followed us around to different events getting as much of Jesus as they could and then had us over for a wonderful Punjabi breakfast Saturday before we left, and packed us a great lunch for our 8 hour journey to Shimla. Prayed with another family where the husband had just gotten saved (he then sold his liquor business). Wonderful presence of God as we ministered to them and their older daughter.  These are all very high class wealthy business people. That entire family has been following us from place to place as well.

Great conference on Friday. Andrew and Bronston did a wonderful job sharing, and loved praying over everyone.

Friday confBronston praying at confAndrew praying at conf

Our driver told us it was his first time being with Christians. He was drawn to the joy in us. He came to all the meetings, and even watched deliverance in a home group. Asked Mushtaq many questions. He invited us all to breakfast and to bless his house,which we did on Friday. He is very close to accepting the Lord. God is good.

Sunday we will minister in two CNI churches. Much of this week will be with Pastor Daniel and Arvin, holding additional conferences and doing home groups/visits. Excited that Shema’s mother, Dinu (Pastor Josh’s wife), will join us from Delhi for 4 days this week and teach at the conferences as well. Thanks for all the prayers!