A Warm Welcome at Christ Church (3/30/15)

Dan-Mushtaq Christ ChurchOn Sunday at Christ Church we had a wonderful presence of God in the service. I spoke on “Behold the Lamb.” AfterDan-Mushtq Christ Church inside the service I prayed for people for almost an hour. The rest of the team had to leave by then, and I sure miss them! Saw some good healings. Mushtaq has invited me back to minister to his people in September, and they seemed excited about it. The people at the CNI churches are so warm and hungry…very open and receptive to what we are bringing.

We have been so blessed to work with such wonderful leaders as Mushtaq and Neera, along with Daniel and Arvin these past two weeks. I have the dearest friends here and am perfectly at home when I come. I have been blessed to watch Neera get overwhelmed by the Spirit and be so full of joy and laughter this week. They truly have welcomed us and treated us like family, and we have such a great time together.

Bronston&Andrew prayingSpent 3 days last week with Daniel and Arvin, ministering to the leaders as well as people from their churches. It was a joy to have both Shema and Dinu (her mother) with us for this part of the trip. What a wonderful team, incredible conference sessions. So many people set free and full of joy. Some pastors from Kullu came down…they had been so blessed at the September meetings they just wanted “more.”

We had the opportunity to go to a home meeting with a small group of intercessors. We had the most intense time in God’s presence, praying and prophesying over them for over two hours. It seems God is forming a team of 4 wDan with healed womanomen who are very prophetic intercessors. I hope they will come with us to intercede when we are doing conferences. At another home, there was a steady stream all evening coming for prayer. We prayed for one hindu woman who had pain throughout her body. After praying she was very excited…she said she saw something white come toward her and enter her body and all the pain was gone. It was beautiful to see her so full of joy and free from pain.

Another home visit was with a Christian man married to a hindu woman. I ended up doing marriage counseling. God came in the most wonderful way…both were crying. Afterward Mushtaq kept telling me how wonderful it was. I am constantly amazed at what God does. Also prayed for the mom who had severe back pain for more than Dan with childa year. She was totally healed and free of pain. I am so blessed to be able to do this…and I love to watch God show up and bless those we pray for. It’s all about HIM. It was also fun to get to see an infertile couple I had prayed for a few years ago now holding their baby…who I got to hold, too…the fruit of our prayers.

This has been an incredible trip with an incredible team. Bronston and Andrew are now back “home,” as are Shema and Dinu. I still have several days of ministry ahead with Daniel, and will get to be with his people on Easter Sunday before heading home. We will seed into some small businesses this week as well. Again, THANK YOU to all who gave towards that need, or to help the team be able to come and minister nearly non-stop for over 2 weeks. And a big SHOUT OUT to all who have been praying for us! We know this trip was covered in prayer for several months and will continue to be until I return. God bless you!