Humbled to be Here (6/25/15)

Women on the TeamOur prayer journey brought us to the amazing city of Srinagar. We have connected with a CNI (Church of North India) there and have had some good prayer times. Began our Sunday with a visit to the Hindu temple, then church. Shema and I preached and felt a good measureDan and Naveed of God’s presence.  Unbelievable experience to preach in Srinagar. The people received us beautifully. We prayed for a number of people afterward and saw some good healings. After lunch with the pastor we went to the 2 major mosques with Naveed, our tour guide. He has been recovering from an accident yet came out to be with us…very dedicated, and it was good to see him again. (Picture is with Naveed)

The pastor is very excited about us being here. It’s an amazing thing to know that you’ve been sent by God. I know God has plans for fruitful ministry here for a long time to come. There is much work to be done. Around 1.3 million in the Srinagar valley and less than 400 Christians.  I am very thankful, and humbled, that they have asked me to return and gather all the Christians together for 3 days of meetings. We hope to bring healing to their broken spirits and see the Church revived with hope, courage and faith once again. God has wonderful plans for them.

On MondayFlooding in Village, the pastor took us out to the villages where they are still recovering from the flooding. There are still lakes of water all around the shanties where the people live. Lots of sickness and disease because of the the dirty water. This is where Mark (SEAPC) made the commitment to help. I spoke with Sunny about the Village near Srinagarplans to get the water out and begin reconstruction.  Because of the bitter winters here we have a short window of time, just until the end of October to do as much as we can. If you would like to help, simply designate your gift for the India flood victims or give directly via SEAPC, great article:

I can’t tell you how humbling it was to be here, to see the conditions, to meet those affected by the flooding. Back in Srinagar we met with some people and heard their stories. Three older sisters who lived in an attic 15 days waiting to be rescued.  An older woman with water up to her neck in her house before finally being rescued. There was so much devastation.  So many lost everything they owned.  You can still feel the trauma in the people as they speak although much of the damage has been cleaned and repaired.

That evening we met a couple who were born and raised in Srinagar – they know the language and the culture.  For 5 years he ran a Christian school in a nearby town. He was under constant threat.  Having to wake his kids and hide them in the middle of the night when the mobs came to threaten him. Parents of students were threatened and beaten.  He was beaten.  The school was stoned and all the windows broken. They went from 300 students to 20 because of all the fear and intimidation.  He closed the school, but he said, “We will not leave Srinagar.  We will not quit.  This is where God called us and they will not force us to leave.” We had a strong time of prayer and worship with them.  It was a very humbling honor to pray for and encourage the persecuted Christians here.

I’ve been having a great time with Josh and family. They are definitely going to begin to focus on the North for the first time in 30 years.  God has certainly heard our prayers on that one.  It has been a joy to talk, pray and dream with him for North India.  Now I have another major partner here, and am so excited to see Josh released up here. God will use him in incredible ways. I told him I feel the North is my assignment so I would give myself to him any way I can to promote the work up here. So, as for setting the foundation for a fruitful future, this trip has already been massively successful.  I am so thankful for God’s favor and grace on this journey.  He has sent us here. Now he is establishing something here for the sake of the Kingdom.  This heart is forever grateful.

IMG-20150620-WA0001Beautiful, but long 2-day drive to Leh Ladakh. The picture is with Ravi, our tour guide, and our wonderful driver. We will be prayer walking here and sharing at the Moravian Church on Sunday. Please pray as there has been division in the church and the Christians are few in number in this area. God has sent us here for a reason…let His will be done. Our team has been blessed beyond belief to be here, for such a time as this. Two days in Delhi yet with some strategic meetings before we return home. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and financial support…we couldn’t do this without you. God bless.