His Agenda, Not Ours (6/28/15)


girls in kargilman with gong India20150627_133539

After a long journey, much of it along the tense Line of Control (between India and Pakistan), and with an overnight in the military town of Kargil, we arrived in Leh, a city cut off from the rest of the world 6-8 months each year. Leh Ladakh is20150624_130908 also known as “Little Tibet.” An incredibly beautiful area of the Himalayan Mountains.

Highlights of our time in Leh included getting to know our wonderful guest house hosts, Nadia, her sister and mother (who was healed of a frozen shoulder before we left). We spent much time praying and worshiping with them over the 4 days we were there…in the sanctuary of the Moravian church, on the mountain pass, at the guest house and in homes. As usual, our steps were ordered by the Lord.

One evening we went to a couple’s home for dinner and had one of the most powerful times in the Spirit of this entire trip. After hearing their story of being led by God to come here and what they have endured over the past few years, Shema took us real deep with a prophetic song and we began to pray and prophesy. There is great division in the church and we dealt a lot with this. The presence of God was so heavy we all felt a strong fear of the Lord come over us. God gave specific prophecies and assignments to this man during our time, that he was the man God had chosen to bring reconciliation to the church. His faith and courage were built up, as this was a confirmation to him.

God healed his shoulder as we prayed – first time pain free in two years. Within their first few months here, he was in a motorcycle accident and wife became very ill. With broken hands and shoulder, he had to wait 4 months to get to Delhi for surgery, and has lived with pain every day since. It was a great sign of God’s love and that the time of his suffering was over. It was a powerful evening, to say the least.


Our team had prayer and communion on the Khardung LA pass at 18,380 feet – a little cold and windy but what a 20150627_125126great time of prayer we had. On Saturday when we went to the Tibetan Buddhist Hemis Monastery in Ladakh to prayer walk, we found out a festival was going on that only happens every 12 years…we had full access in the craziness of it all, and a powerful time praying throughout the monastery and during the idol-worship festivities. It was incredible.

Vicki-Theresa at Moravian churchThe weekend culminated with our time at the church – a larger than normal group of 80-100 people there – God just brought them in. Shema, Nadia and another woman led worship and Shema and I got to share. This was a very structured, conservative church, but the presence of God came in so strong and many began to weep and cry out to God. We prayed for people after the service and there were many healings. We were able to gather in a small group that evening at the church and had some powerful warfare prayer as we came against the division amongst this body of believers. Nadia said our team coming through was like a spiritual hurricane, or an atom bomb going off in the Spirit – hope that was a good thing.

So, Leh, where we had no contacts and no agenda turned out to be one of the most productive Spirit filled times of the entire journey.  It is our hope that God has used us to unite the church after years of pain and division so that revival can be released.  We continue to pray for repentance, forgiveness, healing and restoration. What an amazing time…what an amazing God!