India Team off to an Amazing Start (9/4/14)

Sarita and Tony praying(Sep 4, 2014) Well the team is now full swing into the trip. Our first Field Report will catch you up on the first few days as told by Dan, a very full and rewarding 4 days. They arrived safely in India and folks from 3 different states all arrived at same time, about 1am! Have had wonderful times with wonderful people, and have seen God do incredible miracles.  Were all used by God in service on Sunday morning and enjoyed lots of fellowship with new friends Sunday afternoon and evening. They took the train up north Monday morning (said it was a great experience), and after some rest at the hotel they gathered together for prayer and worship in homes. Everyone is having a wonderful time, being treated like family everywhere they go. Please pray for their health and strength, and that there would be times to rest…so far, really busy.

Gregg praying“On Tuesday there were over 60 leaders at the conference and around 100 altogether. Many of them are asking me to come back and visit their people. God’s presence was intense. Great ministry. Gregg did a really good job sharing. Shema is awesome as usual, leading worship and interpreting.

Jacquelyn stood outside the front entrance waving her flags and people began to stop and ask questions.  Rekah and Kalpana then joined and Daniels team waved the flags for the entire 6-7 hours of the conference and prayed for a number of people. The pastors are asking to do this again next year.

Barb worshippingBarb’s having a blast…She’s ready to move here. Tony and Sarita are doing great. Daniel and his team brought a cake to the hotel in the late afternoon and we had a little party for Barb’s birthday. Several more birthdays on this trip yet, and Rekah’s engagement party.

Jonny praying 2We split the team and went to 2 different house “groups” last night.  Had a great time of ministry. People are getting healed, delivered and the pastors are greatly encouraged. They have never had 60 pastors together at one time before.  Everyone is having the time of their lives.  Jonny is amazing. Love this kid. Manish is awesome, too, so glad he came. Yesterday Nidhi threw her arms around me, dancing up and down saying ‘thank you, thank you for letting me come.’ Very special.

Day 1 pastors conf 2On Wednesday we had 170 people show up.  There is a building under construction. On ground level they have the space where eventually they will have a shop but right now it is a dirt floor with no walls. They laid carpets on the floor and hung curtains to make walls.  A decent sized room but not for 170 people.  So much for staying under the radar. They were everywhere, sitting all over on the floor. Shema and I barely had a place to stand and speak.  The overflow went all the way out into the street.  They were setting up chairs along the sidewalk outside and many people stood…for 5 hours.

God came in such a powerful way.  Daniel was in a panic.  They made food for 100 but the people just kept coming.  Word had gotten out from the day before and they wanted to come.  So many of them traveled a long way to get there.  One came from the Tibetan border. Some new Christians were there.

So we cast out demons and healed the sick. Many great miracles.  One woman had suffered a slight stroke from diabetes.  Her left side was slightly paralyzed. When God healed her she was moving arm and leg as fast as she could laughing and crying.  Many leaders are asking Daniel to do this twice a year.

There was one older man and his wife who came.  He is known as the senior Christian leader in this region. Daniel was surprised he came.  He and his wife got blasted by God.  He said he had been to conferences of thousands of people but had never experienced anything like this before.  Now his influence is being used to help promote what Daniel is trying to do here.  Everyone keeps saying this is historic.

Motorcycle group picThey bought the motorbikes yesterday. Ashish and Adarsh are so happy they had tears in their eyes. What a joy to know they will take the light even further into the darkness, as God allows, thanks to those who gave to this project. I will get to minister in some of those places with them soon. It’s hard to explain how much I love these young people and how much they love me. I already have a hundred stories to tell and this is only phase one of the trip.

Thank to everyone for their prayers. Please pray for my voice/throat as no mic’s, and many days yet to speak. And please pray, as we found out that since the new prime minister, they changed the laws again and cannot have the open meetings for all the house “groups.”  They’ll do smaller gatherings in a couple locations.  Since the government change the persecution is increasing.  I have heard many stories. This is very serious, and we ask for your prayers. We try to be sensitive with what we share.”